The Safest Bay Area Suburbs For 2017

The safest bay area suburb is Chula Vista. They refer to this as the South (San Diego) Bay. I just purchased my townhome here. Newer construction, plenty of shopping and restaurants, and low crime rate. I bought it without a mortgage and am living the good (retired ) life. I used my prop 60/90 to keep my tax rate. Santa Clara and San Diego are cooperating counties. I’ll check in with you once in a while.


Hey, there! I was concerned about ya…:grinning: (more like worried whether you were using a high enough SPF lotion or that it was perhaps too relaxing and boring for you down there).

We would love to hear about the local RE scene down there. I am sure some folks here would love to join you…

We wanna come visit…enjoy the good life…

Hahaha! Atherton made it on there.

The city where police get calls like “Someone rang my front doorbell.” “Yes ma’am, and you have a package waiting for you at the gate–must’ve been the mailman.”

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