The Shipyard

Is this project underway? 12,000 homes…Seems huge…Anyone know about it? Supposedly 200 sales already…

Yes. The earliest ones finished couple years ago and I saw a resale couple months back. New units are still being built. I went to their sales office. There is a business park next to it close to the candlestick. Really huge project.

This project is so huge it could move the whole market. .Who is buying there? Will become its own community. 12,000 homes is bigger than Foster City…As big as the Salt Works, which is still dead in the water…pun intended

What happened, the owner couldn’t ride out being mugged on a nightly basis anymore???

Palm Island Dubai, Emirates. “The Palm, Jumeirah” is located between the Jebel Ali port and the centre of Dubai. Palm Jumeirah has an area of 560 acres.

That’s one big reason why I am bullish on Hunters Point. It will pull the entire area upscale.

Here’s one listing that’s sold recently:

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Also they are soliciting EB-5 money to build this out. Smart people. You loan them 500K at zero interests pretty much and in exchange you get a green card.


Lingering questions about the safety of living here???

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Why are you going on a rampage when people say something negative about SF? Just calm down man…

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replace poland with SF, and that’s @sfdragonboy

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They are talking about real shit all over downtown side walks. I would rather live where there are no sidewalks and roads free of human excrement… lol


First of all, not that many people live in downtown specific. I live in a reasonably clean part of the Fab 7x7. So, you would pick nuclear radioactive matter vs human feces? Ok…