The state of housing demand is suddenly strong again

After ending 2018 in a serious slump, demand for housing is suddenly soaring again, thanks to a drop in mortgage rates that could be temporary.

Still, spring has sprung early, as buyers hope to get a quick deal before rates turn higher again.

The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage rose throughout much of 2018, hitting a recent peak in November at just more than 5 percent. Rates had been in the 3 percent range throughout 2016 and 2017, which helped produce the run-up in home prices.

Amit Vyas and his family are looking to move up to a larger home in suburban Dallas, which used to be a pretty affordable market. Now, with employment there rising and strong demand from Chinese buyers, the market is changing.

“If you’re looking in a range with just five to six-fifty, it’s very competitive. But, once you go above seven-fifty, I think it gets a little bit more open in terms of it’s not as competitive close to a million dollars,” said Vias, who wants to take advantage quickly of the pause in rates.

“I think it’s a good market because, just to be honest, I think the rates are going up, and people are scared to step out into the market,” he added.

So now the Chinese buyers are buying in Dallas?

Why would a Chinese buyer buy all the way in Dallas? It’s probably people scapegoating the Chinese for an expensive market.


I thought China is restricting its people moving money out of the country and buying real estate overseas?

Were there any changes recently?

Chinese buyers in Dallas but not Austin? :smile:

Always half empty. Think positive. Buy before they go there.

No. Is in to blame Chinese from China for any bad things.

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Maybe it’s Chinese Americans moving to Dallas to work and buy houses to live in. Texans May think of these Chinese Americans or H1B workers as foreign buying.

Still I’m surprised about the hot price range of 550k to 650k in Dallas. Is Dallas this expensive? I would choose LA over Dallas, or San Diego over Dallas.

Worse than I thought. This is racism.

Racism can be worse, this is just lack of information

No shit sherlock. Thats the way entire North America thinks. Not just TX

This is racism because they view any Chinese as foreigners. Another racism exhibited is when they ask you where you are from, and when you answered from California or Bay Area, they ask you where you’re from originally!

Why you should not move to Texas.

I went to Austin. Austinites are more sensitive, they ask whether you’re from California :slight_smile:

That’s because Asian population is so small. If you have more kids, the problem will be solved over time :rofl:

What if Singapore were part of Malaysia?

What if Monaco were part of France? What if Hong Kong were part of China??.. Oh wait, it is… :rofl:

If you’re brown, yellow, or black, then you are forever an outsider. That’s the way USA and Canada has always been.

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Then maybe you should’ve married a white lady as opposed to a brown one.

Who says I only have one in my harem? :wink:

So how many do you have? :rofl: