The struggle is real

My question to all of you.
In this vulnerable market, where do you invest your asset?
Mine is like 55% in RE, 35% in stock and 10% in cash (FDIC insured account with 2% annual interest rate).
I am mostly tempted to sell stocks at this time but don’t want to increase cash portion too much either.
If many of you think we are at the top in both RE and Stock, where are you going to move your asset?

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Bitcoin :face_vomiting:


ah marcus, You are fine with 25% increases because jobs, but then point out historical charts and all. things do happen. not saying it will happen tomorrow, but i like how confident you are :slight_smile:

atherton is where the rich buy - in addition to pa. palo alto mostly doesn’t have the land that’s acre big. there’s the difference.


Hence the name…rent and vent…

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I don’t think we are at the top of anything. Keep your money in stocks and RE. Get rid of your 10% cash as well and use it to buy stocks.

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Do you have anything other than your opinion?

Not really… :rofl:

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I agree, but perhaps proximity clouds my vision.

No one ever asks about Hillsborough schools here… Maybe because if you buy there, you don’t care about school district and you put your kids in private?

hey, at least I am honest with my name! :sunglasses:

some people here should be called BA_RE_Superfan, or BA_RE_neverdown, or BA_RE_idontwannahearit


and again, he misread my post. I was talking about a 25-50% drop in stock/RSU values… but of course that doesn’t matter either… :slight_smile: In fact, if a fire consumed all of the peninsula, it would also be good, people are looking for “distressed wood” homes…

and also, Hillsborough is now undesirable (no downtown, big homes not en vogue)…
Atherton sucks too, bad phone reception. Nob Hill sucks, you have to go up the hill to get there

Bottom line, there is always a reason for everything OTHER THAN maybe the market has topped and you should be careful


World is doomed…

time to stuff money in a waterproof ,earthquakeproof and fireproof mattress. :smile:


not inflation-proof… still bad. :slight_smile:

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& inflation proof and burglarproof… :slight_smile:

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Inflation proof, go for SPY or FZROX, buy and hold, over a long period it is 7% YOY appreciation.:smiley:

Or BARE, buy and hold, saves rent, increases over time , easy to retire elsewhere when you sell and take cash.

If that happens, the first thing i would do is selling off all of my RSUs. Then, i would wonder what i want to do with that. I would probably hold it as cash for a while but would eventually buy third home in BA. I really do not like stocks. However, as a result of long years of working in SV, i accumulated RSUs.

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Mine is… can’t tell you because Harriet, tomato and wuqijun would jump in to deduce all kinds of stuffs.
Excluding overseas property, easy to deduce your NW is about $4-5M.

How come you put my name in front of Harriet and tomato? Surely they would be the ones jumping in first… :rofl:

How are you going to move your asset if you think now is top? You don’t have to reveal your number. In addition, i am not going to correct your speculation either.

What is this, musical chairs? :unamused:

I kind of satisfied with my asset allocation :slight_smile: RE vs Stocks vs Cash.

Status quo to deal with all changes.

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