The Sunset Rocking The Overbids!



Doesn’t matter, some crazy, rich, person just dropped major coin on the Fab 7x7 coastline… me like…


Nice when a Sunset fixer goes for 1.48M!!!

Ok, boys and girls, what does high ceilinged garage translate to??? ADU!!! ADU!!! ADU!!!


This one must be over 65 feet in length


Ok, 406K over asking to go over 1.8M!!! Sunset… still strong!!!


Great selling price for outer Sunset and arguably the worse floor plan there is in the Sunset (no real inlaw potential). Yes, deep lot… 1.26M still!!!


Honestly this one was sold low. I was expecting it’d go at least another $100K above. Guess appreciation in Outer Sunset is around the same as Westlake after all if you are comparing apples to apples.


It’s one of those little one story homes for the poor back in the old days.


I like it better than the stinky tunnel type.


Honestly, a tunnel entranced style would mean a way better floor plan, thus, better selling price. It is all about the benjamins…




Hey, sheet happens…

I seem to recall a woman getting mauled to death by a dog inside her Cow Hollow apartment building too…


Sunset market is still good!!! 1.75M folks!!! Not much over LP but 1.75M is 1.75M…


Cherry picking?


What is up with these posts about cherry picking??? I have been tracking many houses all over the place and when they close I report it. Yes, I guess those that don’t sell I don’t get the Redfin final stat but heck that’s life. Leave me alone on my day off!!!


Darn, that house is right on Sunset Blvd. Gonna be noisy.


Well, according to one of the reviews the windows are original single paned even yet not much road noise from Sunset. The trees help some. But going back to cherry picking, this house listed out at a 1.695M which is not cheap or lowball by any stretch of the imagination and sold for over slightly. To me, that suggests buyers are still out there and are willing to pay list or more for nicer ones. Yes, I am not tracking the ugly ducklings of the Sunset, so shoot me…


Sunset Blvd is only the second noise generator. It’s steps away from Judah, the real dealbreaker.

Mid Peninsula: good place for Primary

Again, sold for 1.75M…


Actuallly for 2900sf it sold kind of low imo. I like 37th Ave semi private street with more parking spaces


Boom!!! @Esfgiants and @wuqijun, 2M benchmark here we come!!!

(I am not cherry picking!!!)