The Values of the Valley

I like how he compares the culture of Midwest and the Valley:

There are really good opportunities in Ohio, but I think the opportunities in Silicon Valley—that dream of getting there and trying to make it—consumes some people a little bit more. Especially in tech, people are always chasing that next big thing. It can, in many cases, become “This is my purpose in life or my singular purpose.” There are lots of people that are very grounded in the San Francisco Bay Area, but there’s always that looking over your shoulder, keeping up with the Joneses kind of feeling: You see those stories or the status symbols or the people. I think in Ohio, that may be looked upon as less of an ideal than it is here.

Ohio…are you kidding me…way before tech, my friend moved from Cleveland. …he thought Oakland was paradise compared to Cleveland. .He had a Tshirt with smokestacks and smog, caption said “Cleveland, you got to be tough”…

I once saw a T-shirt saying “I am so bad I vacation in Detroit”. :slight_smile:

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Cleveland actually has some nice ares like Shaker heights…boating on lake Erie…but there is the river that caught fire