The YIMBYs Next Door

The out-of-towners who crowded into Brisbane’s city hall were YIMBYs—members of a nascent movement and lobby, marching under the acronymic banner “yes in my backyard,” who believe that the answer to the Bay Area’s housing crisis is to build, build, and build some more. The YIMBYs believe that creating more housing, of all types and all price tags, is the only way to bring down soaring housing costs throughout the Bay Area, allow non-wealthy newcomers to rent or buy, and ultimately prevent the displacement of middle- and working-class people. And they’re taking their fight to towns and cities from Brisbane to Lafayette, from Mountain View to Marin.

And they regard many of their ostensibly enlightened opponents as a bunch of shortsighted and selfish older white homeowners whose pious declarations of solidarity with the oppressed mask an economically self-interested I’ve-got-mine-Jack attitude that is anything but progressive. Clark, one of the movement’s leaders, told the website Oaklandnorth, “I love suing sanctimonious limousine liberals. That’s my favorite part of what we do.”

Bravo! Sue the heck out of these “liberals”. People who care more about trees than people ain’t liberals.