There Are Actually Places To Build On In SF and LA

There is an empty lot near my home in the Sunset that I see or drive by each day. Conservatively, a multi-unit building there could easily accommodate probably 10 families if multi storied. And this would not take away from the appearance of the block whatsoever since other apartment and commercial buildings are around. If the owner is not willing/wanting to build, well, I think he/she really should be made to sell it. Yes, controversial but hey we need housing instead of some fenced up lot in an urban setting.

225,000 sounds like a lot but it is a drop in the bucket for 2 cities with a combined population of 22m…Less the one years demand

The point is that weeds are growing on these lots and nothing is being done about it as we speak. I mean, shouldn’t the wheels of progress be rolling here???

Have you ever had a window seat while landing at oak/SFO/sjo? There is a ton of available land for houses. It has zoning problems perhaps, but it’s there. I believe in maintaining open spaces and building higher density infill like you suggest, but the fact is we are not out of space by any measure but political

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Most of the lots have issues. .The only solution is raising height limits and density. …even just allowing 3 stories to 36’ as allowed in Berkeley and Oakland with 5’ setbacks would add 50% more available allowable square footage…solve the housing shortage with a stroke of a pen and fuel a huge building boom…
The outdated ranchers ffrom the 50s and 60s need to be replaced by 3 story homes with inlaw units…just like in Berkeley. .time for BA area burbs to grow up… happened 100 years ago in SF and Berkeley


What issue is this lot facing??? There is a multi unit building next door and it is a corner lot that is not blocking any views, etc??? Why are we allowing this lot to be sitting there undeveloped???

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I am sure if you went to city they would give you a million reasons…Number 1 no political will…nymbies, government regulations that drive builders away…I would never ever again build in SF…and I built a lot of condos there in the 80s

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Come on, there is no common sense reason why a lot like this should be allowed to remain as such. Bus stop right in front. Multi unit next door. Corner lot. No views to ruin. The city should just take it back or make the seller sell or make the seller do something with it. That would be the preferred, no one wants their land taken but in a dense city that is starving for housing this simply shouldn’t be happening. This is literally low hanging fruit. Put a multi unit building in there and not only do you technically get more property tax money you get housing for more than a few families. Easy.

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