This San Francisco Eichler Home Got Itself A Contemporary Remodel

How’s that house an Eichler? I like the SJ Eichler @sfdragonboy posted a little while back. This one looks mutant to me. Calling the Eichler police…

The same way a “copy” became a “Xerox”.

Oh, and where is Xerox today?

In 1960, Eichler=Cheap, 2016 Eichler=Chic…But they are still cheap crappy shacks, 60 years older…Got news houses do not improve with age, unlike wine. …Nostaglia is the only thing supporting this house of cards

I love the look of eichlers (need modern kitchen/bath though). But would never buy one due to energy costs and maintenance. Would be very interested in a modern eichler-inspired design.

I like the look of a 1962 corvette but would never buy one…a high maintenance relic

Can be said of many things. But nostalgia trumps pragmatism.

Life is short. Live it while you can! :slight_smile: