Thousand Dollar Listing

Move over “Million Dollar Listing.”

It’s time for the 99 percent’s version of the real estate game.

Many brokers — especially young upstarts working in rentals — aren’t actually raking in the dough, according to a new comic reality web series called “Thousand Dollar Listing," documenting 30-year-old agent Noah Kaplan as he struggles to get his foot in the door — literally when taking clients to see units in Bushwick and East Williamsburg.

“Real estate is really hard to get going in,” Kaplan says in the pilot. “So many people have their real estate license. There’s like 30,000 agents in New York.”

Not surprising. Yes, easy entry definitely does not translate to easy money. I happened to see one of my neighbors outside recently after a work day and he was exhausted. I asked him what was going on. Well, no inventory and a lot of wasted time since his buyers’ offers are not winning offers. For a veteran who has done well to say that the market is so tough says a lot. And to think some newbie with a freshly minted real estate license (from online classes) will instantly make millions? Fuuuugetaboutit…