Time For Me To Get A Facebook Account?

No…but the teaser rate is in play

Guess not…


That is SOOOOOOO true for me. I don’t go there anymore, and when I do, I come out depressed.

I’ve noticed the change in my wifey too as she moves from FB time to more time hanging out with some gals from the gym. Real human interaction, people!!!

Facebook itself it is not a problem. I go there every day, I swear and procrastinate or have fun but then I am gone.

The problem is the idiots with their nose stuck to the God damn phones! I have a bunch of friends on the block, old, young, teenagers, age and race no problem, but when I approach them, 90% of the time they are looking at the stupid phone. I go there, I feel like a lion ambushing its prey, nobody sees me coming!

Through FB, I’ve got to reconnect with long time lost friends in the US. Last week, this guy asks me to be friends, I can’t recognize his name at all. But I see his friends are my friends so I accept the invitation. I call him using Messenger and he starts telling me of the times we were in…drums rolling?..5th grade! God darn it I said! I told him I don’t remember any of that but he said he remembers me and how he went to have lunch with my dad celebrating the 42nd anniversary of his own newspaper in town.

Messenger has allowed me to call for free long time friends and family in Guatemala. A big plus because I can laugh and they laugh at the fact we are all old, bald and wrinkled. :joy:

Went out for lunch the other day and same thing happened to the table next to me. Girl stared at her phone and simultaneously shoved food into her mouth the entire time while the guy sitting across from her kept talking nonstop. It’s rude.

I was invited by one of my Iranian friends to eat at this restaurant in Campbell. We were chatting about politics in Iran, and financial things. Next table, a young couple. Both of them typing on their phones, and when served, one hand grabbing the fork or spoon, and on the other hand the phone.

Gee I said, nice way to get to know each other. :joy:

Had that problem with my husband’s sister when she was in college. We had to directly ask her if she could put it away. Wasn’t Facebook, just texting.

Last night at my office meeting we had a guest, very smart guess, she got the idea of what we promote, which is not life insurance. Unfortunately she was in and out of the conversation. I was behind her and I could see her texting continuously as she was asking questions, but when our mentor was responding to her she was texting. Duh!

We are losing the art of conversation.

Hell no!!!