Time for men to step up and fight for equality

Gender pay gap in modelling industry sees women earn 75% more than men


You need to submit a few more of your headshots to more agencies, @hanera. :joy::rofl:

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and they’re discriminating short asian men . I’ll need to file a lawsuit as well


You cats are funny, but I am siding with the ladies on this one…

Can we please move back to “semi real you” avatars instead of fake celebrity ones??? I realize we need more females on here but I am totally against POTENTIAL false advertising…

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You mean that’s not really @BAJacket ??

I can neither confirm nor deny it’s him.

This is the real @BAJacket taking a selfie with his Lambo. Dude made a killing in altcoins.

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Hmmm…this looks like it’s pulled straight from one of those “thanks Vitalik for everything, I’m out” posts from Reddit. How do you know it’s really @BAJacket and not someone random from the Internet??

I met the legend. He looks sorta like that… :smile: But last time he was hiding his Lambo from us…

Haha ok, that meets my burden of proof.

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I think @BAJacket is better looking… :laughing:

Funny you picked that picture @manch. That’s my friend’s twin brother lol! :rofl:

Come on, Lulu, did you come here just for the meat market or to discuss the merits of rent control???

Wrong forum!!! :rofl:

Short Asian men are the ugliest and can only command the least pay in that industry, if at all… :rofl:

I know… all those fake Mr. Kwoks and Mr. Chungs can be unsettling… :rofl:

It is kinda like wearing a bad toupee… why even do it???

That is wrong.
like fat, that’s now call beautiful
short man should now call handsome and get paid equally as jimmy G.

Nice way to kid yourself… I think some women (or men) do find short men attractive so not all is lost… no need to get that bone breaking sugery to elongate your leg… :rofl:

Sorry, one of @wuqijun’s fellow alum from Cal set us back big time…


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