Today Market Jun 2022

Why are stocks of hotels, airlines and cruises so cheap? Most are fully booked to end of the year. WS thinks is temp, will crash next year?

They are cheap because of recession fears. Plus high fuel and labor costs. I think Airbnb is a buy. None of the overhead of owning property with higher returns than their hosts. Plus in a recession many will need to rent out rooms to help pay bills … meaning lots more revenue for Airbnb

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It does not matter how much you keep cash, it depends on the strategy.
Blind investors may grow in line with S&P - a too long way to grow in 40 years.
Strategic investors may grow higher level than S&P.

The 2M may provide very wide difference over long years.

The workable (proven) John Kelly criterion allocates 20%-30% on cash/treasury while balance is invested for optimum returns. Many HF/big fund keep multimillions/billions with cash or Treasury, awaiting chances to buy at deep discount price.

This is finance world, thieves are common to eat others money and keep retailer as dump as possible so that they can survive ! No one will come forward and, for free , tell any retailer what is best for him. It is retailer money and he/she has to protect it, grow it with his strategy and intelligence.

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Where are you @Elt1

Let it rip :slight_smile:

Still have my Ruger stock. Missed out on Olin… ammo play

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2 days ago, I ask…

Today, market answers…

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