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The Russell is down by less than the S/D/N. I haven’t seen that in the near term, its moves tend to be bigger. No clue what it means.

XLF broke below the low on the 15th. If it’s leading us down it’s going to hurt.

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Sell? Sell into strength? STFR?

Unfortunately, this will become potential issue for me. It may be 100% wrong at times. I do not want to mislead people, staying away from any daily updates.

Also, I do not trade on daily basis, once in some days, may be few times (less than 5) in a month.

It’s Tuesday. Buy TACO


:sunglasses: Fed to pump more $$ into the market and WH to send more free $ to people, let’s rip :money_mouth_face:

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Sound like your system didn’t issue a sell signal :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Cut off half UPRO position :crazy_face:

Multi decade bull :running_man:

Good start :money_mouth_face:

Sentiment check. Again, where is the bubble? More fear than greed.

A bull market always start when the fundamentals are still deteriorating. By the time, fundamentals are obviously improving, market likely nearing and making ATH that is higher than pre-Covid ATH. Many WFH/ cloud stocks are already 30-50% higher than pre-Covid ATH.

If you believe @manch that less than 20% would go permanently remote/ WFH, these stocks might re-test the mid Mar BUT not break below. If you belong to @marcus335 camp, BTFD. Alternatively, nibbling traditional stocks that would recover once economy goes back to steady state.

Caveat: Not a forecast or a financial advice.


This is why I called BS when all the housing bears said they’d buy in the next dip or crash. We were literally a few years removed from one and they didn’t buy. The bottom isn’t when bad news stops which is when they’ll feel safe to buy. The bottom is when the news can’t get worse. You’ll see up days on bad news, since it’s not as bad as feared.

I do worry the market is ahead of itself. The odds are there will be some 5-10% pullbacks or corrections. The real question is will people think it’s a pullback and buy or wait thinking we’re in for another 30% plunge.

The weird thing about the market is it’s not about your own opinion. It’s about the herd’s opinion. The herd is often wrong, but they can still move the market in their direction for awhile. You can refuse to change direction and call the herd stupid, or you can make money off the direction they go.


Is up to us to guess what they will do. If correct, we make $$$ :slight_smile: Awhile can be years :slight_smile:

You missed the timeline: in 5 years. No, I don’t believe 20% of SV workforce will go permanently remote in 5 years. They may come in maybe just one day a week to do some face-to-face or have some good old social gathering with coworkers. Normal life is suspended right now so it may seem alien. People forgot work is not just being a cog in the machine. There is a social component.

You nailed it perfectly , the fear of common investors !

That’s why I use moving averages. I use them as trend lines and stops when trend lines are broken.

The Chinese market has gone nuts. Shanghai up 5% and HK up 4. Has been on a parabolic rise in the last few weeks.

I got the wrong stocks. BABA is MànMàn