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Why I like Warren Buffet, he is super master/computer of investment !

Famous Quote of Warren buffet “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy, be greedy when others are fearful

Remember last week exactly same Thursday and Friday market went down, news paper reported China -USA relationship etc.

You have the same Extreme fear now (Surely worse than profit-taking). Next day market green !

Middle of Wednesday you posted => Mad bull awaken! Folks. Make $ not talk politics.

Mark your statement “Mad bull” ==> next day market dropped.

BTW: This is posted for discussion purpose. No direct or indirect hint, neither stock advice, nor financial advice.

Fear? Look properly. The one that matter.

Btw, realized gain from TQQQ = $15k, about $5k per week for three weeks :man_dancing: :money_mouth_face:

USD existed before 1973 ( I think there was typo in what you said). What changed was decoupling of USD and Gold. Nixon did it. Why, pressure of left economists. Same reason FED was created. Without Gold Standards to worry about, FED can print as much money as it likes to save big business in the pretext of helping poor.

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20 years ago gold was at about $275 an ounce and the S&P 500 was at about 1500. Look at where the two are today. Gold bugs have reason to celebrate. It’s more than just a temporary blip.

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Inflation adjusted gold is still lower than in the 80s. Read what Buffett said about gold.

Gold Prices - 100 Year Historical Chart

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Market is a complex system with millions of participants. To simplify everything down to one narrative is often just trying to confirm one’s own biases.

You are saved by AAPL, faster than S&P !

Remove your screen shot, better for you, We trust your figure without proof !

Okay, I do not share my proof, but here is what I can say. This July month, S&P went up 4%, Nasdaq went up 5%, but my one investment account (options allowed) went up 30% and another account (options not allowed) went up 16%.

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Talking from the June low? About +25% :money_mouth_face:

you are assuming these business are new to online. it will be very small increment. check yelp.
The scale of destruction in Energy, Aviation, Tourism, education, Telecom, pharma and healthcare (closed hospitals) are on magnitude more than any thing else. even Apple stores were closed for months. with little inventory. they delayed new Iphones. so where is the forward quidence that justify earnings?

It is my accounts (taxable and IRA) between July 1st and until today. I peg into UPRO, TQQQ for this reason, all in one confidently place the trade.

But, trust me, no one can follow/trade or do similar manually.

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We need new index: S&P 5


The most damage that low interest rates done is the former Commie countries of Russia and China to get there act together and make there bonds relatively low interest rate… Now completely new industrial, energy and food supply chains are created. Those two graduate the most scientific graduates of quality.
Once the old Imperial countries of Europe see there success. they want to go own way and no longer tether to US economic system.
California demographic and trade is more Asian/Latin.
EU has far less stake in it and they will have no problem initiating regulatory trade war on it.
This big trend which cannot be reversed.

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HK2 has an entire new perspective, thought only @erth view is different. Now we have TWO.

Tons of chewing by @manch - You want diversity of view, you get diversity of views.

You seem to be entertained by both. So at least they are doing that.

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You need enable 3 kudos for this comment !!!

Socialists countries are good in giving education to their children. Which is not of much use. Most of the graduates cannot do task that require to be a little more complex than drafting a letter, or operating a simple machine. The drop outs from American Universities some time end up creating big companies.
Scientific Education and and personal and market freedom go hand in hand. This will requires a many generation of effort to cultivate that entrepreneurship.

My impression of @hanera
He can process and integrate information that seems unconnected. And he seems to knows how to use knowledge for amusement.

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The government held the $35 per ounce price until August 15, 1971, when President Richard Nixon announced that the United States would no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value, thus completely abandoning the gold standard.

Still countries, mainly banks, funds and other financial institutions, are keeping/buying gold as alternate investments.

Now, all over world, bonds are thrashed to low or negative returns. Stocks are up with extreme values reaching Pre-Covid level, with the help of FED (and all over world banks unlimited kind of funding).

The only reliable place seems to be gold, people moving to gold as safe heaven with better returns. This happens every recession.

You see why stocks are flat just 4% in a month fluctuating same place. The V shaped recovery came back to pre-covid peak level (almost).

At some point of time, stocks dive, resulting further erosion, gold is safer.
When economy completely recovers, Gold will crash/fall, people move to stocks.

This is very cyclical change.

BTW: This is for discussion purpose only, not a stock or investment advice.

Yes. This agrees with what I understand reading from the gold-bugs. Gold is protection against recession (never understood why). Even gold bugs do not buy gold thinking investment in gold will double every so many year. But, I think what you said some time ago makes sense. One should develop an understanding of equity market movements that is where gains are. At the end of the day, it is what a person understands better that works. I find the equity market tricky. @hanera is an expert.

when a college drop out created a big company?. you are confusing Fed reserve expanding virtual firms. Look a bit deeper into Intel (Israel) and Samsung , or Boeing Engineering design centers and Material science.
We are way passed that period. Now socialist EU/China/Russia can manage big business and that without any input from India.

The last Physical firms worth mentioning related to California made of Japanese/Korean/French tech. even the tires are French/German.