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My impression of @hanera
He can process and integrate information that seems unconnected. And he seems to knows how to use knowledge for amusement.

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The government held the $35 per ounce price until August 15, 1971, when President Richard Nixon announced that the United States would no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value, thus completely abandoning the gold standard.

Still countries, mainly banks, funds and other financial institutions, are keeping/buying gold as alternate investments.

Now, all over world, bonds are thrashed to low or negative returns. Stocks are up with extreme values reaching Pre-Covid level, with the help of FED (and all over world banks unlimited kind of funding).

The only reliable place seems to be gold, people moving to gold as safe heaven with better returns. This happens every recession.

You see why stocks are flat just 4% in a month fluctuating same place. The V shaped recovery came back to pre-covid peak level (almost).

At some point of time, stocks dive, resulting further erosion, gold is safer.
When economy completely recovers, Gold will crash/fall, people move to stocks.

This is very cyclical change.

BTW: This is for discussion purpose only, not a stock or investment advice.

Yes. This agrees with what I understand reading from the gold-bugs. Gold is protection against recession (never understood why). Even gold bugs do not buy gold thinking investment in gold will double every so many year. But, I think what you said some time ago makes sense. One should develop an understanding of equity market movements that is where gains are. At the end of the day, it is what a person understands better that works. I find the equity market tricky. @hanera is an expert.

when a college drop out created a big company?. you are confusing Fed reserve expanding virtual firms. Look a bit deeper into Intel (Israel) and Samsung , or Boeing Engineering design centers and Material science.
We are way passed that period. Now socialist EU/China/Russia can manage big business and that without any input from India.

The last Physical firms worth mentioning related to California made of Japanese/Korean/French tech. even the tires are French/German.

At least in the USA, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are considered like that. Steve Jobs was not even an engineer, IIRC.

Yes, how much one become expert depends on how much they read & understand about stocks, business and economy (esp USA).

Even though I was in touch with market long back, I am a recent entry into stocks, very late in the game, but spent most of my leisure time on reading, learning (systematic learning very important). There is no short cut.

When I came here few years before, one member @bugmenot told me that I need spend weekend 4 hours and daily 1 hour to know about stocks/security etc.

I started seriously at that time, went into buy/hold (hanera and WQJ - missing him here) mode, finally my own way of trading…

It is not tricky, any one can learn with dedication and focus to win…Try…try…and…try.

I do not know more about Steve Jobs.

Reason for drop out is different. Bill Gates drive was different, interested in forming a company rather than getting a formal study/graduation.

Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs went through all the challenges, life UP and down cycles, like what is going on with Elon Musk.

It is the mindset, they can not compromise less than what they desire to do.

Another is the fruit gold :shushing_face: flight to safety.

Trader Joe’s here in AZ still has fresh goldenberries. Very late in the season for them. Good things still happen in 2020.

They didnot create big companies. they had small primitive companies with no fundamental research. Its Federal reserve with dollar attracted all the world talent and firms to supply them to make them bigger regardless of real profits. Amazon took while before consider profitable.
There is distinct disadvantage of creating a GDP by this approach. as US gained huge population starting in 1970s relative to other developed countries. That population gain has its own political influences that lead to dysfunctional decision making that you see now.

It took another 17 years before Komatsu (Japanese competitor to CAT) to take commercial advantage of laser lithography with discovery already done by Soviets.

Elon Musk knows people will buy his bs as long as EU/Asian firms backing him.

Only 14.5% :sob: Have to work harder.

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First time hitting 70 since March bottom.



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Gold and silver are the real stories. Doesn’t bode well.

Ruger at all time high. Bearish signal. Sell stocks buy gold.


TQQQ hits ATH helps by AAPL. However, I’d closed all TQQQ position :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Greed continues to climb higher. Dangerous.

I just bought a put spread on CVNA. Let’s see what happens in the next month.
Kicking myself for not buying a put spread on FSLY. I was so close - had all the numbers lined up before earnings and didn’t hit Place Order.

Big tech stocks could fall sharply if there’s a vaccine

Hmm… is not given that a vaccine would be developed eventually?

While a vaccine could boost the United States economy, it could also spur investors to dump the current market leaders that have helped propel Wall Street higher – most notably the FAANG+ Microsoft cabal of big tech stocks.

:scream: :clown_face: