Today's Market 5/23-29

Quiet earnings week. All eyes will be on cryptos this week.

Nasdaq sentiment seems to be closer to the bottom than the top.

Growth names reporting this week:

techs moving up and materials going down. Stock market does not think recession is around.

Stock market thinks Biden $2t boondoggle infrastructure plan will be DOA.

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Surprisingly, even though both S&P and Nasdaq are hovering around all time highs, Fear & Greed is currently solidly in fear territory at 33. Four of the seven subcomponents are at “Extreme Fear”.


Bear market?

Panda bear vs JC bull

JC and @manch are in the same camp for so long… hell froze over.

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The Fed has to taper some time in the near future, meaning they have to gradually reduce their bond buying to zero. QE has to be completely cut to zero before they can raise rates.

Market went into a tailspin in the 2013 “Taper Tantrum” when Bernanke started tapping the brakes on bond buying. Same thing can happen when Powell starts tapering. That’s a risk maybe in September or October? Next year is midterms so timing maybe too sensitive.

QQQ opens down, SPY opens up. Effect of blood moon differs?


Sounds like Newton:

But before losing 3B in 2000, he was intellectually flexible enough to change his mind 180 degrees in 1999 and made tons of money:


Your example just show fundamental analysis is rubbish. Follow the price! Price is true. Don’t care what the fundamentals say, don’t care what the technical indicators (eg. your favorite RSI) say, if the price action is bullish, you have to be bullish. The contrarian talk like when there is greed, you want to be fearful is :-1: because it works only 10-15% of the time. Follow the crowd (and now, millennials) is the right thing to do.

You may want to find out what he meant by fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Big terms mean nothing. And how deep did he goes? I ignore big term talks. I notice many people view analysing a silly snapshot financial statement as fundamental analysis… did those guys even know that those are


For buy n hold (and never sell), I do personnel analysis :wink: because


For trading, obviously don’t trade screwed up companies, is so obvious that talking about fundamental analysis is a big f… no time for detailed analysis… by the time, you finished analyzing, time for actions is over. A cursory look at a few metrics will do… if you want to refer those as financial analysis, then ok I use financial analysis :wink:

Of course, whatever you do…


So don’t spend too much time on analysis.


So… all your analysis, education, and whatever really don’t mean much.

Good question: What if 2020 was 1987?