Toni Robbins. I like Universal Basic Income for Americans

He’s putting the cart before the horse.

Wait until people are out of work before we give them handouts.

Let me make a different prediction. More people will be able to work in cities because self-driving cars will allow you to commute from 2 hours away and sleep during that time. So while robots are driving you around, more plumbers, construction workers, teachers, and baristas will be able to fill the jobs currently open in High COL areas thus bringing balance to these areas’ job markets. But no one’s going to need a handout except for a subsidy on these cars.

I was talking to a neighbor yesterday. She was getting bids for renovating her house. She said some were $250/sq ft, some as high as $450/sq ft. This was just to gut the house, not demo and rebuild. Tells you how tight the construction market is now.

Wondering how many undocumented immigrants around. Shouldn’t jobs held by these undocumented be replaced by Americans first before considering UBI?


Also tells you how important a college education in a useful field will be in the future.

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Good idea. Should build more roads :slight_smile: especially to non-job centers areas. Build walls?

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Oh yeah. Let’s TOTALLY give handouts to people while our roads fall apart. Good thing there’s tv, they’ll never make it out the house.

Something that’s never said here, but a lot of the jobs that immigrants do (often legally) is work on a farm. And from what i’ve heard–from small farm farmers–is that hiring citizens to do the work is nearly impossible. On the one hand most people don’t want to do such hard work for such low pay. On the other hand, those who are willing to do it are generally teenagers and there are all sorts of regulations on kids that prevent them from being useful–like they can’t get up at 4am and work on the farm–when you really want to be working because a) it’s cooler out and b) you need to make deliveries the rest of the day.

If we’re going to go around giving people handouts-because they’re unemployed–why aren’t making them at least go and pick their own food (ok, ok I hear the farmers screaming “They’ll mess up my trees! They’ll mess up the crops!! Most people don’t actually know when to pick food!” etc. But in all seriousness, I think the idea that we hire immigrants–often legally–to grow our food and then talk about paying citizens–including young capable citizens who could do farm work–with no expectation of work in return–is ludicrous.

I’m sorry, but I have yet to see a robot that picks strawberries as effectively and efficiently and cost-effectively as a farmworker, and I doubt that one will come along anytime soon. There will always be jobs–many undesirable–that people can do. This honestly feels like an excuse not to ask people to work.


Don’t go there. :wink:

Exactly, People don’t take those jobs, because they don’t have to take them. They can get free money for doing nothing. All that government benefits do is teach people to be dependent on them. We don’t even measure success by how many people we help become independent from the programs.

You can’t release a lion raised in captivity into the wild. It won’t have the hunting and survival instincts. The same applies to humans. Kids raised by parents on government assistance are far more likely to end up on government assistance themselves. That’s true even if you control for income. We get bullied into these programs in the name of compassion, but all they do is setup people for dependence on the government. Generational welfare isn’t compassion. It’s cruelty.

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All pure rubbish.
In the first place automation doesn’t destroy jobs - it creates them. And it creates low-skilled jobs in equal proportion to high skilled ones.
In the second place the nation is nearly 21 trillion in debt, mostly due to entitlements which currently make up more than 60% of total federal spending. Where in God’s green earth would we get the money for yet another entitlement?


Lower taxes, not more handouts. To fund handouts, governments need higher taxes.

Higher taxes on companies mean employers are less likely to hire - they outsource overseas or automate instead. This means less jobs, and lower pay.

Higher taxes on individuals makes that low pay even lower when it comes to taking it home. This further disincentivizes people to work and incentivizes them to stay at home and collect their government pay check!


We will need MUCH higher taxes to keep the handout programs we already have solvent. Likely a VAT or other national sales tax to get something out of the over 40% who pay nothing now and to capture revenue from the underground economy. UBI is total fantasy.


I think that before I laugh, I will make sure I have my depends on…because this is funny! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

This country would be so much better if everybody paid their taxes on time, and with no excuses, no handouts, no help from uncle Sam. So…

Before throwing the “welfare, entitlements, etc.” as something to be ashamed of, you should look in the mirror. Do you see yourself there? OK, now, let’s talk about something you RE investors are familiar with.

1- What is a 1031 exchange? You are not paying taxes, are you? OK, now that we understood each other, pay them! Right away! This should be a free market, where everybody is on their own, right? How about depreciation, cost segregation, etc. Why do you need these handouts to be a successful person? Explain it to me please! :laughing:

2- Who is then making you dependent on a 1031? Hmmm…uncle Sam? Mother Theresa? Chupacabras? :laughing:

3- So, if you owe taxes, you don’t pay them, you are prospering and living out of that money you owe, well, I don’t know, tell me, who are you to deserve such a break others don’t? Ahhh…you need the welfare=entitlements=tax breaks from uncle Sam, don’t you? :laughing:

4- Well, how many billions, if not trillions in taxes are not being paid right now when somebody uses a 1031 exchange? That money would be helping people to retire with dignity, not begging for a part time position at Walmart.

I bet you were so furious about this government giving welfare to the farmers with a beautiful $12 billion check. Who are they? What did they do to deserve such ENTITLEMENT? Did Puerto Rico receive such a quick handout? :laughing:

I would think those $12 billions had a better use, veterans being abandoned by this administration, or old people in retirement homes after they worked their asses of.

Let’s not go there on the golfing and continuous rallies paid for by the poor media class in the US and politicians working for us living like queens and kings.

Kind of true, right? Entitlements of others, mine don’t apply……………:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

You’re not even a good troll anymore.


Try to defend you are begging for a handout from the government when buying a second property and using a 1031 exchange.

You can’t, can you?:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Taxpayers are feeding you and helping you to get rich. Why? Who are you? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

No you troll. You fail to understand the difference between:

  1. Allowing people to keep the income they earned
  2. Giving people free money that they never earned

The two are the same to you which is so illogical there’s no point in discussing. All we can do is laugh at your ignorance.


So, you sell a home, you are going to retirement, but you have to pay taxes no matter what. That money is not yours anymore. But somebody tells you there’s enough equity to buy another one somewhere. You park that money on a 1031. That money should have been paid the day you bought a second home, right? Somebody is allowing you to keep it, that is the government! Or aka IRS!

Very simple to me: you are receiving money you didn’t earn. Taxpayers are paying for you to live like a king.

End of the conversation.

C’mon buyinghouse. You know what we’re arguing here. You’ve argued the same thing about your section 8 neighbor–you work your butt off while he sits there drinking beer and causing trouble in your neighborhood living off money that you worked for and the government took a chunk of.

I’m surprised you disagree at all.