Too Cheap (Bayview)

Yeah, it is time to have a “Too Cheap” thread for even Bayview…

Maybe too expensive thread is needed too lol

We have one!

Ok, this goes for 985K, 226K over asking. Yes, we get it, real estate speak for inlaw potential…

Is this @manch territory?

You had to go there…

Too tempting not to… hehehehehe

You are a wise man, @wuqijun. You will find a way to figure it out, I have no doubt. You will uncover every stone, stake out every Denny’s or that Chinese take-out on Ocean for that CRV driven by the man with the glasses in the profile. Come on, how big is the Fab 7x7??? Was the chinese immersion school clue not helpful? PM @RealEstatebull since he indicated he had the goods…

Ha ha ha… I was going to dig deep but after manch’s “doxxing” message I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Yep I had to Google doxxing and then said boy this is deep allegation :slight_smile:


Ok, set up a Chinese take-out place in the Bayview, I will have all of my croonies Yelp 5 stars (or 3 stars according to him as being good) until our fingers are bleeding from all that typing and clicking and then you just wait for the Man With The Glasses to waltz in wanting his soy sauce chicken. Unknown to him, you have implanted a homing device in that said soy sauce chicken. Boom, Manch’s home is found… and you just became the owner of a real good Chinese take-out place. You could retire…:grinning:

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Hehehehe… what humor!

Um, PM coming from several users…:grinning: