Too Cheap (Excelsior)


Rental vs Primary…there is such a huge difference between the two. I can easily think like you and see the upside of places like Bayview or HP but when it comes to actually living there with folks other than yourself you do need to consider it seriously. The problem is that the price differential between neighborhoods that are vastly different safety-wise is fairly small, so why risk not only limb, but life over it???




This is a good one. Should go for around 1.2.


Come on, Excelsior???


1.2 is minimum for this house. I think it has a chance to clear 1.4 or even 5. :smile:


Then, I must throw the Bubble flag…it is out of control!!!


OK. I take it back. House is small. So back to 1.2 estimate. :slight_smile: Not 1.4.


Despite being a clean Marina style barrel front home, it is the freaking Excelsior for Christ’s sake!!! (No hate postings from you Excelsior owners, we love your neighborhood. Really…)


Excelsior has way more sunshine than the arctic Sunset. More parking space too.


I may have to relent on the sunshine part of it but the parking was not exactly great when I was checking out homes there (unlike huge swaths of the Sunset)


I say $1.05M at most. Even at that price it’s overpaid.


OK. Let’s have a round of “Price is Right”.

Me: 1.2M
@harriet: 1.05M




Ok, let’s try 1M


Tally so far:

@sfdragonboy: 1M
@harriet: 1.05
@Esfgiants: 1.08
@manch: 1.2

Just so more people can play along, we are talking about this house:


Should be price is right rules. Over $1 is automatic lose. Lol


Aah come on…all areas eventually (hopefully) transition, especially around these parts where there are NO starter homes. I just saw that news story about millennials about to hit the market hard. Well, maybe prices will actually go up even more.


Ok, this nice one went for 1.1M, so 754 Edinburgh should be close (not sure which area is technically better)…


226 Morse has one more bedroom and inlaw downstairs. This is why 754 Edinburgh should be discounted to 1.05M or so.


For sure, but I wasn’t sure which property is in a better location too. Edinburgh shows well though so you never know. The thing that is scary is that we are now seeing a few Excelsior properties hitting and exceeding 1M. Crazy times…