Too Cheap (Excelsior)


OMG…double dipper strategy works again!!! 690K selling??? Wow, deal…


Interesting, born technically in Pac Heights and moved over. So, should this be worth more than an Excelsior born home??? Maybe the bones are really better…


Tenant occupy though


Shoot, that would be perfect for me since I am heading towards a 1031 exchange. I have to rent it out anyway for a period before moving in. Tenant occupied could mean a discount since less interest…


Tenant occupy comes with a heavy discount but I believe this one has 2400/1400 rent. More than decent


It seems you are very plugged in @Esfgiants… I am starting to suspect why your guess is very particular at 1.08M…


Ah man, that would be perfect for my exchange. Rental to rental and rents are decent enough sit still for a year or so as I transition back to the Fab 7x7. I may see you at more open houses, @Esfgiants


Haha don’t overthink it. I have a passion for RE and see a lot of houses everyweek


Damn, this nice corner one in the Excelsior goes for 1.1M!!!


@Esfgiants, is the big winner by hitting it right on the noise!!! Come on, the reason why you won is because you are the real buyer right???:slight_smile:


Lol, just a lucky guess based on comps


OMG, you beat me at my own game…of course the selling price had to have an 8 in it!!! I forgot my own doctrine!!! 20 lashes!!!


Good job @Esfgiants. There is still hope in the SF market. It’s not as crazy as I feared.


I was wondering why this property took so long to close…


How much would this go for?


God, have we seen enough of that colored flooring???

Chinese pricing strategy translates to $1.18M selling price for me…

After that last one, the Excelsior has now joined the $1M club (decent shape, not teardown).


Excelsior has been an honorable member of the million dollar club since 2015 at least.


No way, not since 2015 if you mean practically every home sale. The one-offs don’t count. Come on, even my fav Sunset I would say did not really hit solidly the 1M club until maybe early last year. I am using the criteria of a standard 2/1 home in livable condition. Nothing completely remodeled to the 9s or a teardown either. Not too hot, not too cold, just right…


OK. Here’s another contender for Too Cheap (Excelsior):

LA went to @sfdragonboy’s School of RE Pricing and listed it at 888,888. How about 1.2M?


I think we should stop posting nice looking fixed up properties and declare them as “cheap”. Not cheap in any way, shape, or form! Stop getting suckered and mislead by the teaser listing price as well.

Here’s a real candidate that should qualify as “cheap”: