Too Cheap (Portola)

3/2/1400 near a quiet stretch of Silver Ave, asking for 850. Too cheap I tell ya! Should have no problem reaching 1.2 or even 1.3.

Paging @poorbuyer

Again, not saying it won’t but if it goes to 1.2 or 1.3 wouldn’t you rather be in Sunset then? I know you wouldn’t but I certainly would. One would be making the cardinal sin of buying the most expensive home in the block again. Wow, lucky you…

What can you buy with 1.2 in Sunset? I don’t recall seeing anything in that price range.

My impression is that for similar houses price in Portola is around 1.2 vs 1.5 or 6 in Sunset. Am I wrong?

Tell these guys stop using white, stainless and straight edges, getting too boring and monotonous.

Interior all appears to be similar.

Come on, plenty. Outer Sunset for sure but I honestly have seen some in Central selling for under 1.2. One has to be persistent, lucky or have a great inside agent who has the goods or inside track on homes. They, for sure, make their money and deserve it.

This one, was a legitimate steal… I drive by everyday and shake my head…

Needs some work, but under 1…2M

Decent one, Marina barrel front style…

OK. That one on 29th Ave is nice. But now I am scared of streetcar noise thanks to @harriet…

I guess you would have to ask someone who lives right on the cable car tracks for example to get some insight on whether it bothers them or actually enhances their living in the Fab 7x7. Really, I could see some folks saying oh they don’t even think about it and they kinda like the reminder (perhaps not at midnight) that they live along a moving historic landmark that is enjoyed by all tourists and citizens alike of the Fab 7x7. Yes, pricey ride though…(if not using reg muni monthly pass)

In 1964, San Francisco’s cable cars were named the first moving National Historic Landmark.

One of my friends used to live half a block from the streetcar and every time I went to her apartment I could hear it loud and clear. Why would it enhance anybody’s living? If anybody wants convenience they don’t necessarily need to live within a block from the tracks.

Don’t do it…

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Isn’t this true of most urban major cities like Chicago where you see the iconic trains rumbling along near your home? Come on, this is a C I T Y, remember? If you want peace and quiet, you need to go and live in Maui…

I can get peace and quiet once I am beyond the one block radius from the tracks. No need to live in Maui.

And that is fine, but let’s get back to reality. There is never a perfect property, and if there is one, you are going to pay a dear price for it. Are you willing to wait until you have enough to buy that perfect property, which may never come up anyway since it is perfect (why would someone sell away a perfect home?). I would agree that I wouldn’t want to be on a street like that West Portal home where trains will go rumbling by all day long, but a half block away is nothing and far enough away. There are way bigger issues that would deter me (like fast traffic street, public housing next door, or airplanes on low flight patterns that practically skirt over your home). Shoot, some people actually like that the train is so reasonably close within walking distance.

Plenty of properties not within one block from the train…don’t understand why you are so worked up about it. Anyhow, I like my own property now (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it) :slight_smile:

Not worked up about it at all, but I do find it fascinating that what bothers one person is not even remotely close to an issue yet we are talking about probably the single most expensive thing a person will most likely buy in his/her lifetime. I guess it really is different strokes for different folks. How else to explain someone buying a home right on West Portal Drive where two street car lines run all day long across your home and yeah he/she was willing to go 500k over asking for it. Yes, I guess they loved the house that much…

No need to explain. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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Well 1.2 is stretching a little bit. 1 to 1.1 mil $ is my guess. Let’s see. Portola is the next Sunset in terms of prices. Truly up and coming. San Bruno Ave has many fine establishments with the FBR brewery being the latest high profile addition. Good schools and rec center. Excellent connectivity to downtown and freeways. Big lots, beautiful gardens and an active community. I regret not buying in Portola.

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