Too Cheap (San Carlos)

Ok, this seems like a decent deal. No?

House is big, but it’s cheesy AF.

The Belmont of San Carlos. …not that desirable. .steep windy streets, limited parking…crappy yard, steep narrow driveway, one car garage…Btw, near Hewitt… I worked with Howard Hewitt. .He built 1800 homes in 1952 on these narrow winding streets…2 years later he was bankrupt. …Became a project manager, never did his own deals again…

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Well, it is a “Hot Home” per Redfin…

And of course, now Pending… my god, everything being tracked is going Pending.

Gosh, only 1.67M for a 4/4 home with some views? ???

Yeah, 1.6M for a big house in San Carlos is cheap.

I’d say is about right. San Carlos is about the same price point as Sunset, maybe slightly less…

Really? Dang, even I would trade a basic Sunset home for this.

Yes, but would you trade a home in Sunset with the same square footage for this?

You’re right, a Sunset home of this size would be too valuable to give up. Something this size would probably mean you have inlaw action so supplemental income working for you and then of course the great walk score and conveniences of the Sunset. If I want warm weather, I’ll use some of that supplemental income on a yearly trip to Hawaii.

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Folks, enough with this sunset cult. San Carlos is PA junior. People priced out of MP and PA are known to buy in SC instead. Maybe like millbrae, San Carlos and upper peninsula is selling at a discount now.

A Fab 7x7 property in the collection takes top shelf…

If I get priced out of PA, I would probably go for Cupertino or MV. Not further up north…

“We can’t push out the borders of our city,” said Carlisle. “I’m not sure there is a solution. There’s just too much demand.”

Music to our ears, gentlemen…

You do know your areas, @wuqijun…

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Is Millbrae selling at a discount? Compared to what?

Compared to SF. It may be the secular trend of moving back to the city. Millbrae’s value is not keeping pace with SF.

Millbrae buyers seem to be wealthier than SF. I think SF buyers more likely to have tenants to offset the expense. I do not know many tech buyers in Sunset, maybe mostly small biz owners.

It would be intersting to see what kind of buyers in Sunset

Traditionally many Chinese business owners in SF bought and live in Millbrae.