Too Cheap (Westwood Park)

Short walk to my gym!!!

Oh? But this would be a “downgrade” from the Sunset though…:grinning:

Where can you find a home like this in the Sunset???

It would be hard to duplicate style-wise (width, as opposed to deep or high) in the Sunset but one may be able to find something as large and certainly detached on Lincoln Way. I have seen some nice big detached homes on Lincoln further out. Drawback with Lincoln of course is the cars.

I was just messing with you, I like this one too (I posted it!!!). Too bad I am not looking in this city but chances are this will go for what 1.8M or more anyway??? Too rich for my blood…

No, $1.5M at most.

Well you just said it, at 1.5m you get decent Sunset with center patio. This arguably is better so should be higher than 1.5m. Curb appeal is off the charts, it will go high.

But I think decent Sunset with center patio should be better than this. So that’s why it’s just 1.5M.

The zip is 94112 not 94127. 94112 is not considered good neighborhood, although this house is located in a better part of this zip.

Honestly, if I put myself into the shoes of someone looking/buying in this general western side of the Fab 7x7 and all I am seeing are plain jane Sunset homes go for about 1.5M or so this one shines so brightly I would be calling my mortgage person to see if I qualify for more because bidding on this bad boy should be heavy. Yes, at one point 1.5M was a lot of money for a house, not anymore. Remember, a tiny outer Sunset 2/1 will run you 1M or more. This, on the other hand, is quite lovely and would make a statement. You need to make a play on this one. You could walk to your gym in your bathrobe…

To prove my point, on a pseudo holiday weekend no less this house is already a “Hot Home” on Redfin. 248 favorites and counting. See you at the open house on Thursday…

Go for it!!!

Of course, pended…

Did you move back to SF?

I’ve never left SF.

Hmm, didn’t you move to walnut creek and SJ? Do you live in walnut creek but goes to a SF gym? Not very energy efficient

I go back and forth between SF and East Bay. I used to live in SJ but that was 3 years ago.

See @wuqijun, don’t mess with me. $510K over asking!!! Curb appeal is just off the charts!!!

Um… not worth the extra $200k in my book… this is 94112!!!

well deserving…Bravo, Buyer, bravo!!! Dude, that is a smoking house…

Ok fine… yes I would’ve traded my Sunset patio house for this one… :smile: Short walk to the gym!!!

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