Top 10 Country GDP Ranking History (1960-2017)


Interesting visualization of the rise of China. So why are the big indices (e.g. FXI) basically flat since 2006/2007?

Chinese stock market is divorced from its economy. Most companies get their financing from loans, whether it’s proper banks or shadow banks.

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What happen in 1990s that lead to acceleration of China economy?
Definitely need to stop China! How can China be number one😱

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I have a new goal in life: live until 2060 to see if India can indeed displace the US.


China won’t surpass US and neither will India. US is already waging Cold War against China to stop its rise. If cold war doesn’t work it will simply invade China. :smiling_imp:

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Too troublesome, declare itself as supreme leader of Earth. Every nation pay protection money tax to USA.

Every human being is already paying protection money. That’s what USD-dominated financial system is designed for.

The projection to 2100 is mostly a joke. There will surely be WW3 and WW4 in the next 80 years. Who will be winners and who will be losers? Nobody knows. There’s also the extra uncertainty in climate change. If the more pessimistic projections hold true many countries will become hungry and desperate.

You let the cat out of the bag. Is the real reason why need a wall :slight_smile: No need wall in the North, we need to migrate there :slight_smile:

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