Top 30 Competitive Markets in 2016

Seattle is super hot. SF manages to grab #5 and 6. Nowhere else in Bay Area registered.

The median price of the 2 SF neighborhoods is almost 2M, and still over 1/3 of buyers pay all cash. The amount of wealth here is staggering…

Seattle has 4 of the top 10.

Not good news for SF/ SV. Hope this trend doesn’t continue else we would lose the hi-tech leadership to Seattle/ Bellevue.

Wow. JP in Boston is #30. When I lived in Boston, JP was viewed as an extremely dangerous place. I guess times change.

7 of the top 30 are in CO. What do the coast snobs on this forum have to say about that?

The bay area is saturated. No more exponential growth. Wise folks won’t relocate or move here. It is lose/lose for the employer (they have to pay too much), and the employee (they still can’t buy that moldy condo in bayview, even with the fat salary). Seattle is about to be in a similar situation.

Judging from that list, I’d say MA and CO are in a good position to snatch up the remaining growth.