Trader Joe's > Whole Foods

Chicken or egg come first?

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I wonder what the 5 year home price appreciation rate is for being close to San Tung???

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San Tung > Trader Joe’s…easily!!!

Trader Joe’s is a crazy operation. Then do almost $1,900/sq ft vs. WF $600. They carry only 4,000 SKUs vs. most grocery stores are 4-5x that. Also, 80% of their product is private label. They turn over 50% of the inventory per day and rely on nightly deliveries to keep items in stock. It’s a super impressive operation.


Did you check out the houses near the Richmond TJ? Lovely place.

Where is that? I shy away from the Richmond remember? If my Sunset followers see me stray away they wouldn’t be happy… (oops San Bruno here I come…)

39324 Argonaut Way, Fremont, CA 94538 :wink:

Schools need some catching up .

I think he’s talking about the Richmond in the east bay…

(San Tung owner, taking a break from counting all that dough…)

Oh yeah, do you know how many pounds of chicken wings I go through each day? Now that, is impressive…

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Oh, that Richmond…

I mind as well go for…Bayview!!!

I’m close to a Ranch99. So, Any similar data on Ranch99???

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A related story…

What happens when a grocery store is lost…

Whole Foods 1 mile away
Marina Food 1.2 miles away
Sprouts Farmer’s Market 1.3 miles away
Safeway 1.3 miles away
99 Ranch 1.9 miles away
Trader Joe’s 2.2 miles away
99 Ranch 2.3 miles away
H-Mart 2.7 miles away

Are you trying to tell us how close everything is to your home so we can guess where exactly you live?

Come on, I can walk out my house ONE BLOCK to Safeway, Cheung Hing BBQ takeout (yeah, not so good anymore, fine…) and numerous smaller and cheaper Asian markets on Noriega. Oh yeah, one of my go to spots (sometimes cheaper than even SF Chinatown prices) for LIVE crab!!!

Oh… now I know exactly where you live… :slight_smile:

Hello? I never not said where I lived…just look for the house with a huge UCLA banner and a picture of San Tung chicken wings and voila…that’s me…:grinning:

Oh god… I’m too lazy to have to drive the 20 blocks to do the stalking…