Trading wars impact


But Trump won’t run any election in the midterm. Republicans are generally against his trade war or negotiation. It’s for sure a scary negotiation if not aml bad war


Tomorrow, I suggest you guys having a heart condition to get drunk and sleep it off all day long.

China’s commerce ministry proposed a list of 128 U.S. products as potential retaliation targets, according to a statement on its website posted Friday morning.

The U.S. goods, which had an import value of $3 billion in 2017, include wine, fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, steel pipes, modified ethanol, and ginseng, the ministry said. Those products could see a 15 percent duty, while a 25 percent tariff could be imposed on U.S. pork and recycled aluminum goods, according to the statement.
The statement did not go into greater detail. U.S. agricultural products, particularly soybeans, have been flagged as the biggest area of potential retaliation by Chinese President Xi Jinping administration.
Beijing will take measures against the 128 U.S. goods in two stages if it cannot reach an agreement with Washington, the ministry said, adding that it could take legal action under World Trade Organization rules.
Asian stock markets took a dive on the news, with Japan’s Nikkei index sliding as much as 3 percent in early Friday trade.


Market failed to bounce and is now sinking like a rock. That’s very bad omen. I need to sell more than planned.


I have followed your lead and unloaded tons of calls and shares.
Now holding 1 LEAPS call per counter except IRBT for sentimental reason :blush:
78% cash, now thinking whether I should unload IRBT shares … hesitating… to do or not to do…
Your suspicion that it may crash on Monday is high probability.


Almost to the 200-day. If that doesn’t hold, it’ll be time to start trading puts.


puts are getting expensive.


With current way it goes, market will settle somewhat lower permanently. The issue will not be based on trade tariffs, but by interest rate hike. Every hike will results lower market.


Hard to say, interest rate hikes + possible trade war = bad for stocks


Sold more than 15% of holding in the last 14 hours.

May need to do more aggressive selling come Monday. :scream:


Only 15%? Thought you would have sold at least 30%, if not, 50%. Market closed weak, very bad omen.


Not into panic selling. :smile: My plan last night was 8-10% but the failed bounce spooks me. For me it’s almost double my original plan.

Strangely I am still positive 9% for the year.


Poor retirees, those just about to retire next week. Their distributions are getting smaller and smaller by the day.

I fear for those poor people. Really. :disappointed_relieved:


Cramer on China tariffs: Beijing is so ready it’s embarrassing


IMO, trade war is over hyped, but interest rate is the real key. Even if trade war is removed, market will react the same way.


Some say the other way… whatever, tons of uncertainty… we both know uncertainty = bad for stocks.


I really don’t get the case for continuing to increase interest rates either. Inflation is <2%. I’m worried this will become a case study similar to the great depression where the fed was too aggressive increasing rates.


Smoot-Hawley also left the United States out of preferential trade arrangements. At a conference in Ottawa in 1932, Britain established its system of “imperial preferences,” granting lower tariffs to former colonies like Canada. Before Smoot-Hawley, about one-quarter of U.S. exports had gone to Britain and Canada.

A similar pattern seems to be emerging today. The E.U. recently signed deals with Canada and Japan. Eleven Pacific Rim countries are also on track to implement a modified version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Trump rejected.

As a result, the Maine lobster industry is worried about losing access to Europe, as Canadian competitors now face zero tariffs. Out West, U.S. cattle ranchers face tougher conditions in the Japanese market because Australian beef receives a lower tariff.


TPP was designed to be a US-led trade bloc that specifically excluded China. How ironic it’s now becoming trade bloc that excludes the US.

US turning away from the world leaves a big opening to Xi’s China. One belt one road is deadly serious. Already china is elbowing America out of Africa.


The Dow has been in correction territory since February 8.


TPP had a lot of flaws though. The US has been accepting inferior trade deals for decades. I think this will take some time to play out but will result in fairer trade with China. No one can honestly say trade with China was fair and equal.