Trading wars impact


How come not HK - because I’m not really sure what the values of HK are anymore. Post 1997, liberties like freedom of the press and freedom of expression have really been curtailed by Beijing. It is not the same place as it used to be, and that is a big big shame.

Singapore - many things I admire about Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew I particularly admire - his dedication to keeping his language skills and commitment to ensuring that different ethnicities can live in harmony. Except for Singlish. It grates in my ears! :rofl::rofl:


Lee spoke perfect Queen’s English. How come Singlish is err… so weird?


Trade wars are boring. How about real war.

Obama thought the Iran deal was one of his crowning achievements. The wording was so poor that Iran didn’t violate it by launching a test missile that can reach Europe. European leaders are concerned enough they called for an emergency meeting of the UN security council. I guess someone was right about Iran being a threat.


We don’t have money to study in Cambridge or Oxford, and pay a fortunate for English tutors from UK.


I got bashed in my english honors classes at undergrad over here over my “British-isms”. I had already cut out my Singlish before coming over, but what was left was very Queen’s English and American english in writing style is so different. Took me a while to change to a more American writing style.


I have forgotten about UK English and don’t know American English. Only know realestateforums English :slight_smile:


Don’t be so kiasu lah, you can get along fine with the Queen’s English here ok lah? :rofl:


The younger Lee also an Oxbridge man? He too speaks very good English.




The only kind of good English is one with an American accent.


But Roland Paris, a former foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, took to Twitter to warn that threats from China would be fruitless.

"Perhaps because the Chinese state controls its judicial system, Beijing sometimes has difficulty understanding or believing that courts can be independent in a rule-of-law country," Paris tweeted. "There’s no point in pressuring the Canadian government. Judges will decide."


This is huge in terms of global trade. We’ve achieved energy independence.


Thought it has achieved that few years ago after getting oil fracking to work.


It made us closer but we were still a net importer.


Yes the article is misleading and even says—-

The U.S. imports more than 7 million barrels a day of crude from all over the globe to help feed its refineries, which consume more than 17 million barrels each day. In turn, the U.S. has become the world’s top fuel supplier.


We always had the oil. But we should and will continue to be largest importer.

  • It takes us couple of x more to produce the oil then to buy and ship it from Saudi Arabia. Plus our refining cost is more as gulf state produce sweeter crude oil
  • We need to see that we remain the largest buyer so that we can keep the global trade in Dollar and remain largest partner of gulf states
  • its practically free because Saudi’s invest the money back in US treasury:grinning:



Saudi oil is sour not sweet.
Has sulphur

Best oil


I stand corrected. Looks like US has the best Sweet and Light oil production. The only bummer is the higher extraction cost (3x) compared to Saudi’s.

We have a leverage that will let us dominate the world even more. Sorry China.


But our refineries are cheap to run. We dominate in the sales of refined products.