Triple net and non-residential investments

Any advice on it? what do people think? I am a little concerned that retail is in a long term decline (because of AMZN, GOOG, etc) but commercial is more then retail. So looking to see what might be good options to diversify out of residential

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I have been thinking about this as well. But I am worried about the reasons you cited as well. So retail properties like Walgreen may not work well.

There are some properties in SF and Oakland that are residential and retail hybrid. The same building has a store front on the ground floor, and maybe a unit or two upstairs. So you get exposure to both in one property. But I don’t like buying multi-fam because of rent control.

If you have enough resources office buildings may be a good play? Maybe start with something smaller like a 2 or 3 story medical building? As we age we will need more doctors. That seems to have a guaranteed market. How about mobile parks? Gas stations?

What is the minimum net worth before we should talk about diversification?

What is the ideal asset allocation? Stocks vs RE vs Fixed income vs cash

Commercial RE is risky and more complex. It could be a disaster for the uneducated.

Residential is easier to understand. Many people rented apartment, if not, at least they have been living in a house or apartment. Very few occupied a commercial property, I know almost nothing about commercial financing, management etc

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