Trump advisor: issue 100 year bond asap

If Trump listens and starts to issue 100 year bond, should banks also give people 50 year or even 100 year mortgages?

People are living longer and retiring later, 30 year mortgages is becoming too short.

This will greatly increase home value. If 100 year mortgage becomes reality, everyone of you will need to pay $2M to buy an entry level house.

Let’s see whether Trump is an innovative president.


I agree it’d dramatically increase prices. People will want it, because they think it’ll increase affordability.


I disagree. Because of the already high ratio of interest to principle in a 30 year mortgage, a 100 year mortgage would only reduce payments slightly and have little effect on market prices. in fact they might go down as people would not have enough equity in their homes to move up.

We had the equivalent. .Interest only loans that the liberals have effectively banned for homes, even for hard money…Thank you Obama for keeping growth down and promoting a health program that benefits omly 10m at everyone else’s expense…The Trump years are starting to look better and better everyday…

It is still there, I have 7 year interest only ARM. Even though I hate IO-ARM, I landed in it accidentally, but it is 3.25% keeping low cash flow for me.

How about a 100 year interest only loan?

US treasury issues interest only government debt all year long.

A 100 year interest only loan is much safer than a 30 year mortgage. By the year 100, the principal will become super small after inflation.

If we can create 100 year mortgages and sell them to foreign investors, Americans economy will boom big time.

Anyone knows anybody who had their mortgage for 30 years? 30 years ago, people may take a 50k mortgage, the monthly payment of $250 is a joke in today’s standard.

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Not really! People are graduating later, having kids later, and buying later. Then they’re worried about being employable because they’re too old.

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Who does the new law protect, the borrowers? It seems that the only loser is the investors in the last subprime crisis.

It’s a bonus claim that borrowers are the victim. I think that borrowers are the culprit. Banks are the accomplice. Investors are the loser. Taxpayers made a nice return on the bailing fund actually.

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Do not forget Millions of common public lost their job by that subprime downturn, many millions lost their primary homes and almost all of the tax payers are paying that price. These people are innocent public.