Trump concerned about rising interest rate

Yield curve is the flattest in the last 11 years. Interest rate is becoming really important now. Housing slowdown is mainly caused by interest rate rise.

“ Speaking at a fundraiser in the Hamptons on Friday, Trump said he thought Fed Chairman Jerome Powell would favor cheaper money and not have such a heavy hand when it comes to interest rate hikes, according to Bloomberg, which cited three sources who attended the event.”

Well he dug his own grave. He should have kept the previous chair then who was more of a dove. But he wanted to break tradition and cut short Janet Yellen with one term (never happened before) because she was an Obama appointee and chose Powell who ran on the platform of hiking rates. So now he doesn’t like what’s happening. I am starting to believe he really has cognitive issues


The fed is supposed to be data driven. Where’s the inflation?

The fed is also supposed to be independent of political influence. That’s why we are not Latin America. President should keep his big mouth shut and stay out of the Fed.

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They weren’t free of political influence in their response to the great recession.

How so? I think Bernanke did a fantastic job, although I think the Fed could have been even more aggressive in the response.

There was a whole committee of people involved in the decision making process though. It wasn’t just the fed acting independently. Geithner was heavily involved, and he was a WH official.

Coordination is not the same as political influence.

Asking the Fed to stop raising rates when the Fed thinks it should is not coordination. It’s naked influencing for one’s political gains.

Trump should be more discrete and making others do his dirty work behind closed doors.

As far as I remember Fed under Janet Yellen also had signaled that they will raise rates going forward. From that perspective nothing has changed Yellen vs Powell.

Again if I remember correctly, Powell is the 1st person without an Economics degree to head Fed? All these decisions coming from the “most intelligent brain” of Trump :smile: (I think Trump also knows that’s a lie of the highest order even by Trump lieometer scale).

Did Obama appointed Powell to Fed in 2012? Recent former Fed chairman and chairwoman were college professors.

His networth is $112M, higher than most of the former Fed chairmen

“He has served as a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors since 2012.”

Point was - Most Fed chairs stay for 2 terms or more. Janet Yellen was not allowed that inspite of great credentials and excellent record as Fed Chief.


Why did Bernanke leave? Why did Geithner leave?

Greenspan stayed for much longer

Trump thinks Powell looks better on TV, more like an authority figure than a short woman. That’s his entire thought process on selecting the most powerful economic policy maker in the world.


Rhetorical Qn. Anyways, He did his 8 years across Republican and Democratic administrations.

He was never the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve.

If Greenspan can serve 20 years, why did Bernanke only get 8 years? Where did you get the 8 year number?

Also is frequent leaks normal for the federal govnernment? Is there any convention on leaks?

Do some research yourself. If you want to make a point Stop asking Questions & make statements so that we know what you’re trying to say. Otherwise, we have to guess what point you’re trying make.

Alright, waiting for your statements.

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I’m not making a statement, I’m helping you to perfect your statement :joy:

I don’t care how many years each of them serve. You made the years of service an issue so you need to either stand by your statement or make corrections

Is the number of years just a number? Is there a significance for the number of years? Is there something called continuity of Economic policies? Are 4 years Fed policies considered short term? Is 8 years considered long term/normal term and optimal period for continuity of economic policies and no sudden change?

I’m just using your technique now… the only difference is I’m actually making comments using Questions. :slight_smile:

So bottomline I don’t need to make corrections, I hope my questions helped you understand better. :slight_smile:

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Trump has turned up the heat on Powell.