Trump Delays Caltrain Electrification, Potentially Killing It


I hope Caltrain eletrification plan will be killed, along with the high speed train. It is just waste of money, for limited ridership and insignificant effect to get more people to use public transportation. If public transportation is to be improved, work on the backbones, not spend $B for single (or select) project.


Auto driving cars are the future, not antiquated trains with 19th century technology. .


Your dream can now continue, Fearless Leader…


We beat Trump!


Di Fi is no pushover!!! We are very fortunate to have her here in the Fab 7x7 and representing the whole Bay Area!!!


Nothing can stop the pace of progress. :joy:



32% budget increase and it hasn’t even started yet. I bet it’ll end up costing at least $4B. Even at $2B, that’s $3.47/ride over the next 30-years.


Like the famous wall…paid for by…us…yeah


SV dude wants to take away your choo choo train @manch


That dude is a moron. I am tired of all these techbros.


Contrary to manch, I think is a right idea. How often would the bullet train be used? Of course, if it is built, I would visit LA more often using that train :smile: very convenient.


This is my idea exactly. Glad he is able to articulate and make it heard.

At least some millennials are still pragmatic. He dropped out of Stanford at age 19 to start a business. Less education and more wisdom.

If he spent another 10 years to do PhD and postdoc, I’m not sure whether he can still come back to the common sense.

I feel that over-education has deprived many average but fine fellows of their common sense


I never go to LA…who goes to LA…Sorry but the train was just a subsidy for the few business people that have to go to LA. .Then when that support proved insignificant it became a commuter train to Fresno…Sorry no buddy wants the HSR train…Nobody can afford the fares and there is no infrastructure at either end to make it useful. .


So you immediately reject his idea? You’ve pitched the same idea.


His ideas are naive. In a democracy we need to have voters on board, and voters are wooed by the sexy idea of an one hour train ride to LA. Construction is already underway. It took more than 10 years to get to this point.

And we are improving the outdated commuter train system along the way. It’s not like we are building 100% new tracks. HSR reusues existing system as much as possible. Caltrain gets electrification and new signal systems as a result.

To suggest we should just throw all this work away and start from scratch is idiotic.


MAS 101: Sunk cost is irrelevant to forward looking decision-making.


They’re spending $64B on HSR that’ll lose money every year. At least his plan actually addresses the housing problem, because we all know local governments aren’t going to relax zoning to help.


“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”


Exactly! Human nature tends to anchor their decision to some past experience. Try to resist it.