Trump offers path to citizenship for H1B visa holders


I thought you implied trump is in favor of DACA and H4 EAD? I don’t think he is. If we agree there’s no disagreement.


I think the answer is not a clear YES/NO here. The fact that DHS is taking so long to move on the H4EAD issue tells me, there is someone from the top not giving the green signal. That’s why SAVEJOBSUSA forced DHS’s hand by bringing it to court.

On DACA, he had already said he wanted a deal in exchange for his other immigration demands. The democrats rejected it. So , it’s in front of Supreme Court now.

Basically, both these issues (especially DACA) will be used for leverage in the future for negotiations.

Here’s analysis on what the Democrats rejected on DACA. Tells, me Democrats don’t want DACA to be resolved for political gains.

But even a casual analysis of the White House plan shows why the Democrats would be crazy to reject it. Though it’s not the “skinny deal” that would more easily pass, it does offer Democrats a number of benefits and a chance to save face after the shutdown mess.

First, the Trump offer covers a surprisingly larger number of illegal immigrants than expected. The White House plan more than doubles the number of people who could take advantage of its pathway to citizenship.

It would include not just the roughly 700,000 Dreamer immigrants who have applied for DACA protection since 2012, but an additional 1.1 million illegal immigrants who could have qualified but have not yet applied.

That’s a major gift from the administration any way you look at it. Democrats were hoping to come out of these eventual negotiations with protections for about 800,000 people. But without even presenting a counteroffer, they’re being offered protection for 1.8 million.

“If the Democrats reject this deal they will be forgoing the benefits of a possible civil war within the Republican Party.”

This is not only an unsolicited concession from the White House, but it also flies in the face of the strong advice from GOP congressional leaders like Senator John Thune who urged the Trump team to present a much narrower deal.


Good article. Thanks for sharing.

Biggest thing is if articles like this are reaching the general public, the Democrats could come out looking like the bad guys if they don’t accept the offer. At some point, you’d think that low-income Hispanic dreamers have to wonder whether people like Pelosi really give a d*mn about them or are just using them as political pawns to fight Trump.


Oh, the irony that child separation is due to Obama losing a court battle and not being allowed to detain children with parents.

California lawsuits? UC Berkeley’s law school won’t allow students use 9th circuit decisions. It’s literally the court with the most overturned decisions.


U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday he plans changes to the H-1B program that grants temporary visas for specialty occupations such as technology or medicine, but his administration said later he was referring to changes that were proposed last year.

When asked about Trump’s tweet, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services spokesman Michael Bars provided a statement about a formal proposal in December for changes to the H-1B process, which are likely to become final later this year.

The proposal is designed to increase by 5,340, or 16 percent, the number of H-1B beneficiaries who hold advanced degrees from American universities. It would also streamline the application process with a new electronic registration system.

“These proposed regulatory changes would help ensure more of the best and brightest workers from around the world come to America under the H-1B program,” Bars said.


Thanks to Obama, high tech, famous H1B visa holder’s spouses got the first chance in history to being able to work, something prohibited for them. Something the republicans never wanted in the first place.

Otherwise, thousands of them would be slaved to just be in the kitchen. .

Twhitler on the other hand has done zero, nothing, nada, to benefit the high techies.

He put a damper on the H1B visas last year when he told the DHS to make an exhaustive investigation on every recruit coming to the US, something never done. Such “vetting” hurt many companies on their desire to hire high tech Engineers the same way they did before.

Twhitler had 2 years to help the high tech industry, nothing has been done. And the only chance this industry has, and have had in the past is the democrats always supporting them.

Twhitler won’t do anything about it. The poor guy is in so much chit, he will be tied this year in criminal investigations, including from the FBI watching him and investigating him for working as an asset for Russia.

He is now trying to hijack the democrats intention of always helping immigrants coming to America. He knows without democrats he won’t succeed.

And same as the wall, he had 2 years to do something about it.
He never had the intention to go forward.
Mark my words.


If you know any H1B visa holder, you better inform them about this. With the shutdown by the republican administration, it will get worse!

Anderson: Can this happen to an H-1B professional whose employer files for an extension?

Minear: Yes. Many H-1B professionals whose petitions for initial or extended H-1B status are ultimately denied are likely to be placed into deportation proceedings under this policy.

Anderson: What will happen to the careers of individuals placed into deportation proceedings? Are people even allowed to work and support themselves while waiting for their immigration court appearance?

Minear: The consequences could be extreme because almost all people in removal proceedings are unable to obtain legal authorization to work. While the individual would be free to appeal a denial of the visa petition or other application that resulted in them being placed into removal proceedings and that may ultimately result in their status and employment authorization being reinstated and their deportation proceedings terminated, there is no work authorization generally available to those who are awaiting the conclusion of removal proceedings.

For most people, being placed in proceedings is a legal limbo where you are not lawfully present, yet not able to leave without triggering a bar on re-entry, and not able to work legally.

Anderson: Can you walk through how the new USCIS policy memo could affect an H-1B visa holder?

Minear: For example, an H-1B professional who has been legally employed in the U.S. in H-1B status in the past is permitted by federal regulation to continue living in the U.S. and working for the sponsoring employer for up to 240 days while an extension petition is pending – as long as the extension petition is filed prior to the expiration of the prior H-1B petition.

However, due to significant processing backlogs, USCIS very often takes 6 months or longer to adjudicate H-1B extension petitions. During that time the previous H-1B petition may expire, leaving the H-1B professional solely dependent on the 240 days of work authorization permitted under the regulation – and without any underlying H-1B status unless/until the H-1B extension petition is approved.

If the petition is ultimately denied, then such a person would be deemed unlawfully present as of the date of the denial and, under this new policy, an NTA would be issued. This is a very real scenario. The number of H-1B denials is increasing. That is due at least in part to changes in adjudications policies that, for example, now do not grant any deference to prior approvals of H-1B petitions filed by the same company on behalf of the same professional doing the same job identified in the prior petition.


Oh, don’t I love the spinning republican friends on this forum?

Same as white terrorists threatening to kill other fellow Americans, democrats that is, they are very quiet, too quiet I would say. Well, what can I say, they support the killing of Americans. Otherwise they would be opening that topic, right? :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Now, let’s get back to business. Just don’t cry, the truth is in the pudding. But green cards!:laughing::sweat_smile::smile:

The application-approval rate for H-1B visas has also plummeted, declining to 76% in the fourth quarter of 2018, compared with 83% in 2017 and 92% in 2016.