Trump on H1B and its impact on SFBA


One thing, the real estate goes down (if it goes down) may be temporary, but it will be back and it will not be like 2008.

But, today I reviewed Seth Klarmann private letter, news/media published it how the future going to be. You know his Margin of Safety book.


Can you give it a rest when it comes to Asians, Latinos, and White people in your comments, please?


You guys are missing the action here. There’s a struggle for power here. Trump is not fund of anything “high tech”. He despises all those big shots like the Amazon and Facebook guys having more popularity and money than him.

Also, analyze his swamp cabinet full of rats, crocs, sharks and octopus. They have a plan to disturb the markets, and the high tech industry and the real estate may be one or two of them. As you can see, all the nominees are enemies of innovation and the environment. They are planning something, and that something is going to hurt us all in the short term.

We are being isolated by default. Those looking at how the detriment of our country is being pushed every day, and do nothing, will be the victims of their own inaction. That’s why we see these giants fighting the ignorance and decline attitude of those in government.

Somehow, now I am liking that second amendment so much every day.


What will happen when the next terrorist attack comes? Because we all know there will be one. Not 9/11 mega big one, but like the lone wolfs in San Bernardino or Boston. When that hits Trump will clamp down even harder on immigration.



Melania or Malaria, whichever her name is, who worked illegally when she was…hmmm…working as a “model”… should be deported from the Trump tower to the white house to save us, I mean, NY, $1 million a day.
Isn’t that nice? When republicans are at the throne, they are big spenders. They are planning to deregulate wall street and with that in mind, expect another recession to start building up.



I think people should realize why the founders wanted a very small federal government. Decades of federal government over reach have created this situation where the president has an insane amount of power. People cheer it when it’s their party with the power. Then they act in fear when the other party has the power.

As for media bias, I reference the Ohio State attack. It was dumb luck that only the terrorist died. He wasn’t very effective and armed security took him out before it got worse. Every news channel was covering when it was called can active shooter situation. Once news broke he didn’t have a gun, the coverage dropped to almost none. Then there was a brief flurry of activity trying to blame security for using excessive force, because he “only had a knife”… Then they found out the terrorist was a refugee from Somalia. The story was immediately dropped.


All those H1B visa holders who have spouses working with them or in different areas are going to suffer as of now. It also brings to discussion why their kids are receiving the citizenship if they are not “legally” in this country, if you know what I mean.


@buyinghouse Did you even read the article? It has nothing to do with being allowed to be in the country. Judging by your comment, it appears you didn’t read or didn’t understand the article you posted. You fell for a classic click-bait headline that caused you to react emotionally.

Interesting info if you actually click on the lawsuit:

“Plaintiff Save Jobs USA is an unincorporated group of computer workers formed by Americans who were employed at Southern California Edi-son (“SCE”) until they were replaced by foreign workers imported on H-1B guest worker visas.”


You are missing the point here

The article is talking about an action expected from the DHS or the DOJ, whichever, as of today. Read, read, and read…

As a senator, in addition to opposing green-card reform, Sessions vehemently objected to the rule that allowed Ranjith to open her business. Now he has a quick and easy way to eliminate her work authorization: He could stop defending it in court.

A lawsuit challenging the rule was filed in 2015 and recently landed in federal appeals court. The Trump administration asked for a 60-day pause to “allow incoming leadership personnel adequate time to consider the issues.”

On Monday, those 60 days will be up.

Did they respond to the lawsuit on time?


Do you understand what’s going on?

Say you are here in the US with an H1B visa. You bring your spouse. S/he then learns that because you are petitioning a green card s/he is entitled to a work permit. That is again, thanks to Obama. And the present administration feels that is not right. Get it?

Tell me again, who’s good for the immigrants, Obama or Twhitler? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Was the DHS action even within their authority to make? The lawsuit says it wasn’t. Maybe they’re right, so it’d be a waste of money to fight it.


No problem for me. I am in! Who cares about high techies and their spouses, right? :smirk:

Gee! I am more conservative than some conservative people. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You really think Majority of the H1B are high skill?
The one we hire are entry level, we have to spend weeks and months to train them up, why we hire them? cuz they are willing to take a cheap price.


See dioworld? You confirm what I’ve telling about those Americans, old by the way, with lots of experience, being replaced by inept people that supposedly, allegedly should be better than the American workers they replace.

It needs to stop! I am all pro whatever, but when I see people being mistreated my heart goes to them.



Only chit!

Does this mean I support Twhitler?

The government’s immigration enforcers plan to heighten their “site visits,” they said, to “determine whether H-1B dependent employers are evading their obligation to make a good faith effort to recruit U.S. workers.”:stuck_out_tongue:


This is how the world works. As management or anyone running a business, it’s about profit.
If the law allows us to use cheap labor to take advantage, company have to do it.
It’s the government that allows this. Don’t blame the people, blame the government. If government doesn’t allow these BS H1B , then tech company will have to hire americans.


I agree. :smirk: