Trump on H1B and its impact on SFBA


Speaking of our wonderful President and his wonderful ideas…


Wow, he’s working hard to lower BA home prices

Obama was much more friendly to us. We need to send some lobbyists to the White House. Where’s Goog Fb CSCO intc and others? These issues are not significant for the whole country, maybe our lobbyists can succeed


God, at this rate I may have to become Independent or join you Demo’s…


I brought this article long ago, nobody complained, because “they” were still in love with the liar in the white house.




Sorry, man, I may have thought that post of yours was just another response to our dear @marcus335:laughing: whoops, just kidding…(no, not really…)


You are welcome but your conversion is not really helping in this case. CA and BA is so blue that your conversion does not matter one way or another. It would help if you work as a spy


And just think, we have 3 more years to go…


Did you read the article? Trump isn’t taking any action to stop it. There’s a group filing a lawsuit. He’s choosing to not fight the lawsuit, since only congress should have the power to grant the approval. The odds are the government would lose this lawsuit and waste a ton of money fighting it. To say Trump is ending it is pure BS. He’s simply not fighting something Obama did which he didn’t have authorization to do. A few of those surprised were left behind, and the media loves to spin them.


Don’t worry, @marcus335, if not this, The Man will do something to infuriate us at some point. I would bet money on it…


I’m sure the media will keep spinning headlines to mislead the public. Most people will far for the headline without doing any further investigation. That’s why America is so “informed” these days.


Schools are well aware of this and are putting herculean effort to teach critical thinking and CTA, yet…


99% of population has no time to read the whole story. Media has enormous impact on these average joes who does not read much and who may not have ability or time to engage in critical thinking.

It’s better to provide accurate information to people and avoid spreading misleading headlines, or forcing biased opinions to the audience. Even the bottom 10% of the students sometimes show their common sense. It’s actually hard to mislead people consistently on things they really care about. Once they realize the media is not trustworthy, it would be hard to have much influence on them. Eventually they will seek info elsewhere


I call BS on not enough time. They just don’t care enough. Once they react emotionally their mind is set. That’s why you can survey people and a majority will be wrong about some basic facts. Also, it’s why most protestors have no clue why they are even protesting. Watching people interview them is amazing.


We can see when the dumbsters keep talking about Uranium one.

And Obama wanted to take over Texas during the Jade Helm exercise years ago. Actually, some people think he owns it now.

And Obama’s militias marching down the street.

And Obama being gay, and Michelle a man.

And, and, and.

Oh, every shooter is a democrat. When the dumbsters acuse the democrats of hating guns.

Yeah, the media. Breit-fart. Or Foxnews. And Infowar.


Question is will this lead to less new immigrants in Bay Area buying houses?

The way I see it this will lead affect only 1st time H1b workers and they in most situations do not buy a house at least in 3 years after arrival? So, there might be an effect(if what is described in the news reports is true), but will take 3 - 4 years before it shows up?

H-1B visa program for technology workers slows under Trump

Through the first eight months of 2017, the immigration agency issued more than 85,000 “requests for evidence” to applicants for H-1B visas, the highest number since 2009 and a 45 percent increase over the comparable period in 2016.


It may not even impact. From what I’ve seen, they were going to specifically target lower paying roles. Those people aren’t going to be living in SFBA or buying SFBA RE.


In a 2 income household 1 person might be highly educated while the spouse might not be & the 2nd income might be needed to buy a house in the Bay Area.


They’re not decreasing the # of h1b positions; they’re raising the lower bound on the candidates’ qualifications (be it minimum wage, education level, etc). Most of current H1B holders do not live in Bay Area - since they can’t afford to live here, those jobs are spread out across US. Now, instead of those positions (including current H1B holders), we’re replacing them with higher paying positions. Last I heard, the minimum wage was raised to 130k (they typically only count base salary). That kind of salary is abundant in Bay Area, but virtually non-existent elsewhere.

So in all, I suspect more people with $$$ would come into bay area. And I expect the 101 traffic to be much worse. :frowning:


Is that right? I can’t find any link to that.