Trump says the Federal Reserve has gone crazy


I read that Hillary interview. Democrats don’t care if there is blood in the streets as long as the blood is spilled to further their agenda. For all the accusations against Trump and his supporters, the physical violence is usually directed at them not caused by them. I have no clue how many law-abiding citizen can support the democrats and their anti-police and pro-criminal agenda.


Abandon it? When did they ever have it? Not since the 80’s.


DSA is openly advocating communism on social media. If Hillary Clinton endorses violence, what will DSA do?


How stupid are these people? People literally risk their lives to flee communist countries.


A couple of years ago, one coworker says that Marx is a genius. I laughed it off. But in retrospect, I think he was not joking.

DSA is trying to be a 3rd party and separating from Democratic Party. For now, Ocasio-Cortez is running as a Democrat and a DSA member. I think DSA may officially break ties from Democratic Party some time in the future. In SF, DSA is clearly against Democrats since GOP does not exist. SF DSA says that democrats and republicans are similar.

Pressed on Sunday by Jake Tapper on how the U.S. government would fund a federal jobs guarantee, “Medicare-for-all,” tuition-free public college and other programs that could cost roughly $40 trillion over the next decade, Ocasio-Cortez insisted she was not blind to the “political realities” of enacting her platform.

“They don’t always happen with just the wave of a wand. But we can work to make these things happen,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“These systems are not just pie in the sky. They are, many of them are accomplished by every modern civilized democracy in the Western world," she added.


Did you tell him to vote no on Prop 10?


Not a coworker any more. I can ask but I think better not. Maybe he doesn’t pay attention to Prop 10, I don’t want to invite one additional ys vote.


Who needs Hillary to endorse violence - the Dems are exploding with it already. How much press did the Portland riots on the 6th get?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1049311168953630720&


Leftists are pussies. They only riot in liberal cities that don’t fight back. They started in Berkeley in 1964. Theymost liberal place in America. After destroying that town they moved on. Antifa needs to be stopped.

I remember Kent State. When the National Guard shot some students. All the riots stopped. Let’s hope it doesn’t get that ugly again.
But when moderates like Hillary encourage bad behavior things can spiral out of control


Bears are loose. No wonder Trump is mad.


I am just watching with fun, today Trump called FED is crazy and disappointed.


He may be right. The interest rate rise you have predicted for years is now happening


Trump must shut his mouth about FED. He is messing around FED as they depend on data input, their own algorithms and prediction.

The more Trump says against FED, market reacts. Trump needs to talk to FED internally, not publicly ! He has so many ways to connect with FEDs, but not this way.

Trump is Trump , can not be changed. He is just acting like Elon Musk, no difference.


Trump doesn’t know shit about economics. He’s a moron. He just wants to blame the Fed for any market downturn.


Actually trump is right for once. It is the feds fault.


Trump has been making inflation worse with his shitty tariffs and tax cuts. The Fed is like your family doctors. If you are sick you gotta take the meds even if they make you dizzy.

If Trump cares about the stock market that much he can make a deal with the Chinese tomorrow. Market will rocket up like you never seen before.


Fed should not increase rate regardless


We could be like a banana republic. Presidents can just lower rates to make voters happy and vote for him. Fan of Venezuela?


Even though energy price is volatile and not part of core inflation that the Fed cares about, you guys noticed how expensive gas is nowadays? I just had my first $50 gas fill up two days ago. Don’t remember when was the last time I paid $50 for a tank of gas.

Trump is screwing the Iranians for no good reasons and making gas price skyrocket. Another MAGA event.


Maybe turn into a Scandinavia and have govt tax the hell out of you.