UBER - Another Tech Giant on the raise!




The first $2T market cap in the making?


What happened to all those Uber haters? Their spits haven’t sunken the company?


That’s insane. I still don’t get how they have so many corporate employees. What do they all do?


They just sit there to look pretty and waiting to collect the ipo windfall…


Anyone want to start a pool that Uber will be the next webvan or pets.com?


Uber under the new ceo is the new tech icon. Don’t hate.


There’s a mini-scandal in Singapore right now (which we are likely to see play out in many other places). Grab bought out Uber in Singapore and they jacked up their prices a few months after (consolidation). This caused an uproar and the Singapore government smacked down Grab and they took their prices down again (eventho’ the sovereign wealth fund has a stake in Grab I believe).

The end state for players like Uber is to massively subsidize rides and win the market by causing everyone else to leave then it will leave them a field to raise prices and become profitable. As we have seen in the Singapore market, they forget the public does not like prices to rise and can leverage regulatory frameworks to keep pricing down.

So if Uber can never be profitable or only marginally profitable, are they worth $120B?


Every IPO is a kind of scandal, companies seek valuation from UnderWriter who gets lot of commission for underwriting explodes max amount by hype and load it on the heads of investors.

FB started it, UBER follows it…

It is up to end investors to deep dive and buy it or stay away with it.


How Uber Quietly Raised $2 Billion



Can we go back to read old posts and find out who was putting down Uber? I remember some names, but I will be quiet now. :joy:


As IPO Nears, Uber Wants Investors to Look Beyond Ride-Hailing



That’s a lot of side businesses. I’d love to see the food delivery financials on why it’s worth 2x what grub hub is.


Exactly… time to SELL the IPO to the general public :slight_smile:
New CEO’s job is to make sure that the early investors get their returns back many many times over… :grinning:


Agreed, I have used doordash a few times, grubhub a couple of times and never have used ubereats.


Uber wants to be the transportation platform. If you want to get from Point A to Point B that may need scooters or bikes to train station, train ride, and finally a car pool, Uber is aiming to be able to arrange everything in one app. That’d be extremely powerful and likely a differentiator from Lyft.


As of current situation, there is going to be more rate hike in dec 2018 and another in mar 2019.

Hypes will wade away when borrowing money is expensive!

It is tough for Uber to go 120 bln range. The underwriters need to pay from their pocket.

Either they need reduce IPO valuation or reduce percentages of float or move away from IPO.

Hypes won’t get money when money becomes dearer!


That’s the thing I don’t get. Was in San Diego recently. These shared scooters were everywhere. It was a mess. I saw a couple of near accidents in the gaslamp district as a bunch of people in the shared scooters were weaving in and out of traffic. One night I saw someone take a nasty dive falling off the scooter in front of my hotel (San Diego seems to have these funk curbs on crosswalks that are easy to trip over or fall if you hit with a scooter). I saw another person in my hotel elevator who was bruised all over from a dive on a scooter.

People seem to like it, and it’s everywhere, but lots of injuries, near accidents, they are thrown everywhere all over downtown, and the flooring has nasty skid and scratch marks everywhere from the use of these scooters. I feel the negative effects of these scooters outweigh the positive effects


Scooters are in their early days. Once we are down to only one or two players it will be much more orderly.

To flip your observation on its head, despite all the problems you cited people still love it. They must be scratching some real itches.


Hopefully some1 can introduce reasonably priced motorized scooters.