Uber is doomed


Maybe. They aren’t liquid yet. This has to delay any IPO plans. It’d suck be vested and worth millions on paper while you hope the company doesn’t implode before it can IPO.



They really are morons. In an all-hands meeting discussing inappropriate behavior and discrimination, a board member makes a sexist comment.


Incredible, really…

At least Arianna Huffington is trying to be an adult in that room.


"“Let us all address the elephant in the room — where is Travis?” Uber board member Arianna Huffington said. “On Sunday during our board meeting in Los Angeles, Travis told the board that he would like to take some time off, that the confluence of recent events, the death of his mother, whom he buried on Friday, and all that the company has been going through in the last few months, meant for him that he wanted to take a step back from the day-to-day management of the company.”

From caiguy’s link…

You know, I’ll give him the time off.


Uber is one of the best service i have seen. It goes to every location. We just name it and they just land us. Happy with the service :slight_smile:



Well, if nothing else kills Uber, this will.


Then there’s this:



Wow. There’s at least three women on that committee. Are they the only three left in the company? :stuck_out_tongue:



Man, how come uber is not a publicly traded company? Would love to buy some stock at this point. The negativity surrounding it is reaching a boiling point!!!


You can buy SNAP. It has a lot of negativity around it too. Cloudera does too.


Haven’t you heard of that “fallen tree, logs for your cabin”?

I’ve felt that in my youth. A very well known soccer and basketball player, I was like Curry, no kidding you. But the day I missed the shot that made us losers, everybody called me names. Same as in soccer, the day I tackled that guy in the penalty area that again made us losers, even the guys who would kiss the dirt I walked on reminded me of mother’s day. :laughing:


No no no… not snap!!! I’m still trying to recover from the failed twtr investment!!!


But those haven’t boiled over enough…


I think Twtr is boiled over enough now though :slight_smile:


Uber’s Travis Kalanick reportedly resigns as CEO

Long overdue may I add.


Impressive lady…



I wonder what it’s like to be worth billions on paper, not liquid, and so toxic no one is going to hire you. Now his fate rests on a TBH CEO, COO, and CFO getting Uber over the hurdle of an IPO.


I’m sure Travis has liquidity in some form. If he hasn’t sold any outright, they are pledged.


Oh my god. I’m heartbroken over Travis… :sob:

I have no relation with uber whatsoever now, although I did drive for them for a month or so in the past as a form of experimentation as I was new to ride sharing and impressed with its model. So I don’t care what others say, I have my own opinion about the company…