UC workers training replacements

UCSF is laying off 80 information technology workers and asking them before the layoff to train lower paid replacements from India to take their jobs.

They are even talking about bring some of them over on H-1B visas, which you are not supposed to use unless you can not get the job filled by residents. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and we should not put up with it from any corporation, much less a state funded University.

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See, that BART janitor aint doing so bad…job security!!!

He makes more than 99% of engineers!

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No doubt…now, granted he is working literally around the clock though. You know this dude has rental property too…he aint dumb

Learn from people who don’t go to school.

Goh Cheng Liang, richest man is Singapore. Focus, focus, focus. He started off with paint, then diversified into hospital, hotels, shopping mall, logistics, marinas, food manufacturing, mining and specialty packaging. Sold all those in 2013, net worth then is $2.1B and re-focussed on paint only. Now, his net worth is over $10B.

I never made much as an engineer with my day job…Real estate investing is the way to financial independence, so you can go tell your boss to take this job and shove it…