Uh, No One Says No To Mr Facebook, No One

unless you are our fav, the City of Palo Alto…

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He could just leave them vacant. That’d be the ultimate screw you to the city.

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Yes, but as long as the city is getting its property tax revenue, it could care less. No doubt, as we have learned, the city of Palo Alto is one tough nut to crack (even for Mr. Z who is as big of a celebrity as anyone)…


He should’ve moved to Atherton. He’d have had his privacy and not needed to buy the neighboring lots.


Facebook is about sharing. Zuckerberg should just share his private life !


Or in order to get privacy he needs to share his shares with city (planners, mayor, council etc)

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The Zuckerman is pretty dumb when ut comes to real estate. .He lied to himself saying he wanted a high walk score…He doesn’t have time to walk anywhere…He should have bought a house in Atherton with privacy. .Of course even dumb people can make money in PA…He can sell his houses there for an obscene profit and move to a nice private Atherton estate closer to his office and for less money

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I think PA appreciates way more than Atherton. Not exactly “dumb”.

When your net-worth is over a billion, appreciation on a $2M house is irrelevant.

It’s all about the schools probably. Let’s see if he actually puts his kid in a public one.

It is dumb to buy a house you dont like because it doesn’t have enough privacy. .He only bought in PA to be cool …to be like Jobs…Zuckman doesnt care where he lives…In fact he says he prefers Boston…judging by his lack of a tan, he probably rarely goes outside…Probably should just build an apartment in his office building…


I don’t see how not tearing down neighboring houses hurt his privacy. If anything it should add more privacy. He can also do what Jobs did. Jobs turned the house next to his into a garden.

I am not worrying about the guy destined to be the most wealthy after Bill G. :slight_smile:

Problem with being that rich is that you really arent free to what you what to do…Maybe he should put is assets in a trust…retire and go back to Boston and live in his old dorm room…It is hard to live up to his followers expectations…Once you have several billions why bother to make any more?

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I don’t think people that driven can just turn it off to play golf and go fishing every day. If I had that kind of money, I’d buys a sports team or 4. No clue how much it’d take to get the Illich family to sell the Red Wongs and Tigers. It’s amazing the cowboys are woth $4.2B. The owner paid $150M for them.

Despite getting snubbed by PA, Mr. Z writes a big check anyway. What a guy!!! Maybe Stanford will let you build on the grounds somewhere…

He can’t retire. His money is in Facebook stock. He retires, his money goes poof. You can’t cash out all at once either without tanking the stock.

Bill G did retire alright. I think he’s having the fun of his life right now.

Founders need to slowly funnel the money away. For example, Larry and Sergei, each sell about $1 Billion worth of stocks every year since IPO. As for the C-level and SVPs, they sell all their vested RSUs immediately… no point keeping since they would be getting more in the future.

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I’d love to see a liberal version of Koch brothers: spend big money to move policy to the progressive side. If nothing we need a counterweight to Koch.

Mr. Z needs some cash for some home remodeling perhaps…