Uh Oh, Coming Soon To Maybe Your Property

Just enjoying this story: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-tuesday-edition-1.3741615/virginia-woman-blasts-trespassing-drone-out-of-the-sky-with-her-shotgun-1.3741619


Now that is a neighborhood watch…

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Haven’t had any drone problems…yet. But, I am a privacy freak. And, I must say I’ve considered exactly that option should I be bothered by neighbor’s drones. I am deft with a 12 gauge and I own a couple.

Fly around my backyard at your own risk. Drones are much larger than clay pigeons! :slight_smile:

Well, that may “fly” in rural Virginia…here, not so sure your neighbor won’t call the boys in blue on you…

Don’t mess with the FAA

Of course it would violate a whole pasal of laws and ordinances. Not something I am prone to do. However, because of my location, adjacent to the Carquinez Straights, it wouldn’t exactly endanger anyone.

By "considered’ I meant fantasized about it. I’m not Duval and I am not aware that any of my neighbors are famous. I don’t foresee drones bothering me anytime soon.

If I really had this problem, I can think of ways to “swat” it away that don’t make a loud “boom” :laughing:

And, a drone flying to my house might actually be a positive thing. If I lived in Britain.

Sure they will, but will the police know who did the shooting (or care really?)

In rural Virginia? Sure. The police won’t care.

In almost any city in the BA? You can bet your bottom dollar if they think you popped off a round at home, they’re going to assert their authority.

At the same time, I have known a neighbor to fire off a shot to dispatch a gofer on his back lawn (large retaining wall as a backstop) from his 357 with not reports or issues. Then again, he was a police captain in that city. :relaxed:

Maybe in Atherton, but buyinghouse might argue otherwise for San Jose.

I suspect MP and RWC would dispatch an officer after a couple of hours, but nothing happen. We had a case of a drunk/drugged teenager who was driving around a park not even get prompt attention… Which we were surprised at since RWC police tends to be somewhat responsive.


Not the same, but if they chase down a drone, I think they’ll chase down a shooter


I told you long ago, invest in the drone manufacturing industry.

You win both ways, by them being bought and being taken down. :smile:

Now, imagine you with your brilliant idea of using your shotgun to take one down but the drone is one of those from the CIA or FBI? And they are armed and dangerous?

Gee guys! Don’t you watch science fiction movies?:sweat_smile:

This anti drone company happens to be in my wife’s hometown in Malaysia.