Uh Oh You 2nd Homeowners

Three ways to tax:

Tax at production

  • Payroll
  • Income

Tax at consumption

  • Sales
  • Excise
  • Expenditure
  • Valued-added

Tax on asset

  • Property
  • Capital Gain
  • Inheritance/ Estate

All governments have mixture of the three to maintain a relatively stable tax revenue regardless of economic conditions, otherwise governments can’t pay its expenditure during recession. A budget needs to be balanced. Reducing tax on one category means need to increase tax on other categories… simple as that… no free lunch… may be USA can have free lunch, just print money.

Obviously, everybody pay some form of taxes.

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Nobody pays income taxes in NV…In Cali only half pay income tax…A tax so high that it is driving people out…And the cap gains tax is the same…Taxes will keep increasing as the number of people taking outnumber the number of people paying…not sustainable. …

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The wealthy can get around high state income taxes with out of state homes and by getting paid through out of state corporations. .It is the middle class wage earner that gets screwed, the poor get more in benefits than they pay in taxes…Besides even they can avoid sales taxes by buying only used goods…

  1. Other countries actually pay the tax rates listed. They have very, very few tax deductions. Most countries don’t have tax deductions for property tax, mortgage interesting, earning income tax credit, etc. Americans pay far LOWER taxes than their tax rate. That’s how 42% aren’t paying any income taxes. In Europe, they also have VAT which is much higher than our state sales tax.

  2. Only 10% of people actually pay enough social security and medicare taxes to cover their benefits. 90% of people are going to collect more benefits than what they paid. So they pay taxes towards it, but it’s still socialism of others paying extra that allows them to collect their benefits.

  3. I’m pretty sure I posted the data before. If you look at since 1980, we have millions more tax returns filed. Our population is much higher. However, we barely have any more income tax payers, because so many more people pay zero income taxes. That’s not a sustainable trend.

  4. The fact is our federal government is 87% funded by the top 20%.


Numbers are just numbers. Numbers have no heart, cold or warm.

People are so fragile that they can not accept true numbers, not to mention factual narratives. PC culture is killing the truth, not only the freedom of speech.

We should make the high income people work less, force the workaholics to go on vacation. Give parents 3 years to raise kids. When tax rate is lowered, people can save enough money and take 3 years of parental leave.

An important factor for in increasing income gap is 2 income families. When women start working, higher bracket families use their better skill level got twice as many jobs. With dual income, they work more, have less children. While the lower bracket families have 2 unemployed parents, have more kids. This is the most important reason for income inequality and one of the most important reasons that half people pay no income tax. Why was this not discovered by any scholars? Is this too politically incorrect that we have to hide this diccovdry?

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How are going to force anyone to do anything?

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Draconian measure is needed. Sterilize those who don’t pay any income tax. Can’t?

Using incentives to “force”. Vacation money will be tax deductible for workaholics. Parental leave will be paid for 3 years for high income people so that they can give the jobs to the less skilled.

Helping the poor is socialism?

People want to go back to Dickens’ dog-eat-dog capitalism?

Saying people not paying taxes while they do is misleading at best.

You know who didn’t pay any taxes? That it’s smart to not pay?

Personally I think people that are driven to succeed and make money will just do there own thing while on paid leave and make even more momey…I had one client who was a teacher who built spec house in his summers off…People that are successful are just smarter and more hard working…you can’t stop them and why would you…They pay more taxes, should be punishment enoigh…

Everybody pay some form of taxes. Journalists and bloggers like to dramatize by omitting certain facts. Whoever failed to recognize it should be killed… enough of bozos voters.

Richer folks pay more income tax than consumption tax.
Poorer folks pay more consumption tax than income tax.

What is the mix for tax revenue? Which one is more? Consumption or production or asset?

Agree. Shouldn’t try to milk these hardworking talents, we need them to improve quality of life for everybody. I prefer the more civic, non-government sponsor, movement like those billionaires and hundreds millionaire donating their money to philanthropy when they die. I do donate regularly. Is time for manch to organize a philantrophic group to donate some money.

Liberals love to force other people to do things they do not want to do.

Get rid of old liberals from political stage, let the young libertarians manage. Fortunately, the liberals have lost. Probably liberals will be losing for generations, all because of their overreach.

The harder they overeach, the sooner they will lose. Apparently, one loss is not enough. We need many more to convince them to give up their outdated ideas.

Will Germans be smart enough to dump Merkel?

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Liberals used to be liberal…then they were taken over by the radical left in the sixties they have become the stewards of intolerance. …Indoctrination in our colleges has become so extreme that conservatives and even maleness itself have been ostracized and condemned. .Modern American Academia is full of intolerance and PC nazism. …no wonder they have lost touch with the American electorate. …


The so-calls Liberals are strongly against freedom of speech. They want to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

If you do not have college degree, they say you are uneducated and dumb. Someone on this forum even said that people in Midwest mostly did not graduate high school. These kind of rumors are clearly an attack because the Midwestern states elected Trump.

If you are poor, they would threaten to get rid of your welfare. A black mother threatens to kick out her little boy after he voted Trump at school. Will Manch kick out his daughter if she becomes a Trump supporter?

Of course, if you are rich, they would say you are evil. If you give a fact, they would say you have no heart.

In the liberal world, most people will lose the right to speak.


That’s sort of the definition. It’s just another form of income redistribution. I was just pointing out that when you say they pay payroll taxes, they are getting an awesome deal on it. It’s not like they are paying their fair share there either.

Also, sales tax goes to fund the state. It’s not funding our federal government which is allegedly benefitting all of us.

Income taxes are our mechanism for funding the federal government, and the fact is 42% of people aren’t helping to fund it.

Sales tax is a good income. Our total sales tax to consumers and retailers/whosalers is too low, American retail price is too low and the super low consumer price on goods has caused waste and worsens pollution and worsens climate change or global warming.

Get back to the topic. Califonia lawmakers propose to get rid second home mortgage interest deduction to raise money for low income housing.

This is not about federal tax, it’s only for state tax.

Californian tax changes needs 2/3 of assembly votes to pass. With a Democraric super majority, do you think if this will pass?