Uh, Running Out Of Places Folks

Hey, I hear this place called the Bay Area is “doable”…:grin:

Imagine what millennials think about an even more expensive place that also has some of the highest state income taxes in the country…

The millennials are moving to South Lake Tahoe… .Zero vacancies, tons of low pay jobs…Like anywhere USA…but you get to live in paradise. …It is about lifestyle not careers…Many would rather live the dream, than be suffocated by corporate America. .besides the smart ones can always write an app or grow weed…lol

That’s cool until they want marriage and a family. Then they’ll want a good paying job, benefits, etc. Sharing a home with a bunch of friends is cool when you’re all single. It’s not so cool when you’re raising your family.

They are easily replaced…But the whole millennial generation is taking at least ten years longer to settle down. …Like many boomers, many never will…Tahoe is full of boomers that came here and never joined the corporate rat race…I know several. .One was fraternity brother…been a bartender at Pete and Peters since 1975…We hang out with a group of 60 -80 year olds that came here in the 70s and have been living the life ever since…Similar crowd in many ski towns …I firmly believe that the millennials will not settle and will chose lifestyle over career…They have been spoiled and indoctrinated to follow their dreams…many with parental support


Lake Tahoe is a very small percent of the millennials though. Granted, all you need is more millennials that want to live there than current residents for prices to increase. I work with plenty that career oriented. The median age of some big tech companies is low 30’s, so a majority of their employees are millennials.

Maybe 5% of 80 million millienials are in tech…The rest are going to live in more affordable areas…

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I still have my Class C apartments for sale in South Sac… hurry before my greedy partner raises the price again… lol