UK are going to tank tomorrow

This is crazy!

On the bright side, Fed won’t raise rate this year and mortgage rate may sink to historical low.

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it might impact jobs as well in next 6 mos. UK GDP is pedicting to tank, global banks profits will go down. RE may be affected

Currencies falling against USD will further hurt revenue and profit numbers of US companies. Over 50% of Fortune 500 revenue is from outside the US. I think this will be the catalyst for the next recession. Our GDP growth was already anemic.

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I actually think it’s not as big a deal as many people feared. Britain by itself is fairly small market.

The biggest fear for EU is nothing bad happens to Britain after BREXIT. It will embolden other members to seek out. GREXIT, SPEXIT and ITEXIT are in play.

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Pretty good analysis and graph on break down of the stay & leave voters:

Soros made billions shorting the pounds decades ago. Wonder if he has any position… :slight_smile:

Nikkei is down 8%. Hang Seng seems to be climbing out of session low now. Let’s see how FTSE reacts… Boy, I am feeling the adrenaline rush…

Also London RE just craters. Both commercial and residential. And its financial center wings just got clipped a bit.

Their loss is our gain. I think US will benefit at the Brits’ expense.

Already thinking about London RE. Wonder when will be a good time to invest in property there!

Cameron has resigned

London’s RE is expensive partly because of its EU tie. Rich Europeans can come and go freely, and many financial firms set up pan-European HQ’s in London. Without Europe Britain is a small island. The islanders just voted to go back to its islander roots.

This is the final chapter of Britain’s long demise.

If we can avoid the Trump disaster in November we will benefit hugely from Britain’s suicide.

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Cameron called the referendum. And he lost. Of course he should step down.

The EU is done. Everyone will realize it makes little sense for them to stay. It doesn’t make sense for countries to keep bailing out other countries. Also, it doesn’t make sense for countries to keep massive amounts of Euro denominated debt.

People are becoming anti-globalization. Globalization only benefits the elite minds that are able to sell their inventions to a world market. For general labor, it’s horrible. Labor seeks out the lowest cost place it can be done. It stagnates or lowers wages of the average person. The average people are the largest voting block, so now that they realize globalization is bad for them they will kill it.


So, will rent control go away too?:sob:… soon…pretty please

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Wonder what Brussels’ next step will be. I suspect they will dole out some pretty serious punishment to the Brits to deter other secessionists. What happens to EU is far more interesting and consequential that what happen to Britain.

Scotland most likely will vote out of Britain. N. Ireland may be in play too.

Great Britain. What a joke. Who is going to make Britain great again? :smile:

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The young are getting screwed royally…


Before the creation of nations, there is no such things as immigrants. You are free to stay wherever you like.

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Well the concept of immigrants or outsiders was always there. Maybe by another name. Humans are tribal and as the tribes grew, the bigger ones named themselves nations!

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Humans want to identify with a group. The biggest identification is religion, race and culture. I was hoping that one day, we can call ourselves the web people, should be bigger than religion, race and culture.