Unique Oakland Hills Home Sold

Not really my style but fairly decent list price of 1.6M I think. I wonder if it went over 2M?


Nothing unique about it. Jerry Brown’s old house was like that.

One of a kind, Takuo Kanno designed Segmental Vault architectural masterpiece in the Oakland Hills.

I believe “One Of A Kind” could well fit the definition of “unique” smarty pants…:wink:

And the Gov’s was list 2.6M, not exactly the same…

What do Feng Shui masters have to say about houses that you walk down from entrance instead of up? Curious minds want to know…

It is probably not positive, but I never cared about living on a cliff or the side of a mountain. I could care less about the incredible views. Every time it rains, you will be restless… trust me.

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I heard the Chinese don’t like downsloped houses with the bedrooms below the living areas. …feels like walking down to your grave…Very unlivable house for a family. .chopped up with lots of stairs…nice website though


And the worst kind is where the garage is over the bedrooms and built on a slope. That was a house I really wanted to tour as fast as possible.