Update On Hottest Housing Markets




Never too early to start projecting…


10 popular cities with job growth and affordable housing. It’s crazy to see median home price in these places.

Appreciation should be better than national average.


3 cities from Texas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: surprise that San Marcos is not mentioned, is in between San Antonio and Austin. It is rising very fast and price is more affordable than San Antonio.


Texas is gaining population and businesses. It’s probably the future. Tons of flat land will keep it from getting crazy expensive like the bay area though.


Historical annual appreciation in Austin is between 2.5-4.5%. Since 2012, temporarily pump to 7-13%. Other than those neighborhoods within 20 mins to Apple current and future campuses, prices should cool back to 2.5-4.5%.


After tracking a few different markets around the world I’m about to buy an investment apartment in Andorra.

Prices have historically been linked to immigration, and they are accepting a lot of high net worth people into the country right now, driving prices up even further.

The market had a good year in 2018 (Andorra’s Property Market | Andorra Guides) but I’m betting with more and more wealthy French, Spanish, Brits and Americans fleeing to borderline tax havens that it will be a bigger 2019.

Is anyone else looking at options abroad? Montenegro is next on my list.




Are there that many borrowers with mortgage rate lower than current rate?


I believe I have current loans with lower rates than current:

Primary: 2.5% fixed, 15 year conforming; no cost
Most Recent 1031 Investment Buy In 2018: 3.875%; 7 yr fixed (500k?); no cost
Fremont Investment: 3.75% 30 yr conforming; no cost

Thank you, Tracie!!!


Ok, buy, buy, buy…


San Diego is the only desirable place on that list


Don’t you differentiate on where you would want to live vs good (low end) places for rental action? You know a thing or two about making money in RE…


I am sticking with RE close by. Want diversity in location get a REIT


Top overseas markets for 2019…


I don’t know, it could change on a dime…


“Zillow forecasts a median home value spike of 5.2 percent in 2019 for Seattle”

That’s hardly gloom and doom. 15%+ yr/yr isn’t sustainable and would leave to a massive bubble and highly volatile future.