Update On Rental Housing In Fresno County

Up, up, up…what else is new?

Half of the people can afford median rent and half not. By definition, Fresno rent is affordable since people only use 30% of the income for rent.

Fresno price is similar to Vegas and Phoenix. Is it a good idea to buy rentals in Fresno?

I suppose the concern would be what employers are there in Fresno County? No work = no pay = no rent = headache city from so far away…

Fresnois the least desirable place in the state with lowest rent…Min wage increases gaureentee rent increases…But stick with A properties, rent collection could be tough…

Fresno is about 50% Latino. Is Latino generally good at rent payment?

However, not sure what percentage is undocumented. Is undocumented tenant better with paying rent on time to avoid court?

Also is there a serious racial tension in Fresno?

When BA price is out of reach, some people will move to neighboring cities. Fresno is pretty far, but it’s a big metro area by itself. I feel that UC Merced should have been located in Freno

Illegals can walk away…They don’t care about unlawful detainer evictions…Whats the worst you can do? Deport them? The problem with Fresno is low incomes… .Incomes will go up especially if illegals emigrate back…

just call trump up if they don’t pay their rent, save some eviction cost, ice will do it for you free.

Does minimum wage help undocumented workers? Are employers required to pay undocumented a minimum wage? Since employers are not allowed to hire undocumented, it would be funny if they require employers to pay minimum wage to undocumented

Pay? you kidding?
Employers will soon take a page from Hong Kong employers

Hire illegal workers , work them for a month. At the end when need to pay them, contact authority to send them back.

Rehire and restart this process again and again.

Very evil.

Not likely to happen in Sanctuary cities. Is Fresno not a sanctuary city?

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