Value Investing 3.0

“The four largest companies today by market value do not need any net tangible assets,” he said. “They are not like AT&T, GM, or Exxon Mobil, requiring lots of capital to produce earnings. We have become an asset-light economy.” Buffett went on to say that Berkshire had erred by not buying Alphabet, parent of Google. He also discussed his position in Apple, which he began buying in early 2016. At roughly $50 billion, that Apple stake represents Buffett’s single largest holding—by a factor of two.

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:rofl:Buffet is 88 years old. We need to invent some medicine to make sure he can still live for a few more decades.

When he’s gone, many investors will find themselves fall into a dark hole

A struggling journalist rehashing well-documented observation. Network effects and economic moats. Who doesn’t know raise your hands :wink:

Big pharmy and biotech are focusing on R&D on such medicine. Cancer, HIV, life longevity, precise medication (can’t remember the exact words used) :slight_smile: