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Doesn’t seem to perform better than S&P.

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Silicon Valley Is a Born-Again Believer in Profits

The latest turn against fast-growing but possibly unsustainable young companies isn’t only about the specific struggles of WeWork and Uber or SoftBank’s bazooka of startup cash. Stresses on those companies call into question the entire model of funneling oodles of cash into a company to help it grow very big very fast.

Of the more than $23 billion in stock that Uber has sold during its lifetime, more than 90% traded at share prices higher than the current one. And for a good chunk of the rest, investors could have done nearly as well in a plain-vanilla equity index fund. This is the most successful company of the uber-unicorn era, and it’s been a poor investment for nearly everyone.


Other than Alibaba, did he ever make a good investment?

More duds

…investors and some bankers looking at China-related deals say SoftBank’s involvement, once a sign of promising prospects, was now viewed as a red flag that a company was likely overvalued.

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SoftBank Vision Fund Employees Depict a Culture of Recklessness

Masayoshi Son’s venture capital firm is famous for making outsize bets on tech startups. It has also been described as an environment of sycophancy and harassment.

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Another one

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They have some ex-Amazon people at Alto.


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